Summer Internship Programme 2022

Applications are invited for research bursaries intended for undergraduate students wishing to pursue a 4-6 week summer research project in the School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences, starting May 30th 2022.  Each bursary has a value of 500 euro.

These internship bursaries are available to undergraduate students of any nationality and university. Preference will be given to students in the penultimate year of their undergraduate studies.

Eligible supervisors are listed under "Academic Staff" on the School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences website.  Candidates should make contact directly with a prospective supervisor to discuss a project and to arrange for the submission of the required recommendation by the prospective supervisor.

Application Deadline

Friday 1st April 2022 at 5pm

Application Procedure

To apply for a bursary, students should first find a supervisor within the school who is willing to supervise them for a 4-6 week summer project. The project should start on May 30th 2022, though the 4-6 week research period need not be continuous.

Students should email a single pdf file to containing:

  1. The name of the proposed project supervisor.
  2. A short description of the research project (200 words maximum).
  3. A table containing percentage grades for all university modules completed to date. Provisional results for Semester I of the current academic year should be included.

Students should also ensure that the proposed supervisor sends a short letter of recommendation to There is no official application form.


Applications will be evaluated by members of the School's Research Committee. Students will be ranked based on their academic grades, the proposed research project and the supervisor's recommendation letter.

Previous Summer Internship Projects


Student    Supervisor    Project Title

David Cormican
Dmytro Lyubka

Graham Ellis Sphere Packing, Lattices, and Modular Forms

Katrina Watson Rachel Quinlan       Alternating Sign and Sign-Restricted Matrices

James Nohilly Mark Howard Quantum Circuit Simplification and Extraction

James Hayes Cathal Seoighe Peto's Paradox

Robin Pfeiffer   Niall Madden Physics informed Neural Networks for Numerical Analysis

David Action Michael Tuite Measuring Quantum Tunnelling Dwell Time Using Larmor Precession

Niamh Newman          Martin Meere Solving the Non Linear Schrodinger Equation using multiple methods

Romain Gadioux Martin Meere Using Bäcklund Tranformations to Find Soliton Solutions
Blythe Stewart    Siobhan Cleary Does tumour parity have an effect on the ability to detect allele-specific expre


Student    Supervisor    Project Title

Lijun Zou    Ronan Egan Quantum codes via Hermitian self-orthogonal codes over F4

Michael McGloin Rachel Quinlan       Minimally Primitive Graphs with a Non-cut Arc

Anton Sohn    Rachel Quinlan Minimally Primitive Graphs with a Non-cut Arc
Maeve Dunne    Davood Roshan Modelling COVID-19 in Ireland
Sean Tobin    Giuseppe Zurlo The Chain Fountain
Tom Jackson    Niall Madden Modelling differential equations using FEniCS and the finite element method
Jordan McCarney          Mark Howard

CHSH Game Using Convex Geometry
Presentation and Report

David Flanagan Aaron Golden Observing Pulsars using I-LOFAR





Project Title

Paul Armstrong

Graham Ellis

Using Topological Data Analysis to study Time Series data

Matt O’Reilly

Graham Ellis

Using Topological Data Analysis to study Time Series data

Catherine Higgins

Graham Ellis

Using Topological Data Analysis to study Time Series data

Sean Monahan

Andrew Simpkin

Statistical Analysis of COVID-19 Outbreak in Ireland

Thomas Hayes

John Newell

Matching athletes using Olympic data

Jack Collins

Niall Madden

Mathematical models applied to the COVID-19 pandemic

Dylan Buckley

Martin Meere

Applied Mathematics

Shane Doyle

Petri Piiroinen

Statistical Modelling of the COVID-19 pandemic





Project Title

 Amanda Forde      

 Michel Destrade

Padé approximants for dispersion curves of elastic waves

 Griffen Small   

 Michael Tuite

Dirac's relativistic wave equation

 Adam Callaghan

 John Burns

Homogeneous Metrics on Spheres

 Deanna Dooley   

 Graham Ellis

Metric Spaces in Cryptography

 Paul Costello

 Niall Madden

Numerical Methods of Solving Schrödinger’s Equation


 Laura Feehan   

 Rachel Quinlan

Connections between Group Theory and the visual Arts - The wallpaper groups

 Mario Gaspar Quarenta

 Micheal Tuite

Fine and hyperfine splitting of Hydrogen spectrum                                                                            

George Stavrou

Martin Meere

Numerical Integration and Solution Visualization for some Reaction Diffusion Equations