Collaborator & Lecturer at the University of Liverpool


Dr Krystyna Cwiklinski received her PhD in Molecular Biology studying Trichinella serine proteases from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Following her PhD, Krystyna carried out post-doctoral work at the University of Liverpool, focussed on cyathostomin horse nematodes and the economically important pathogen of livestock (sheep and cattle) and people, the liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica. Using a combination of classical gene-targeted approaches and ‘omics’ technologies Krystyna has created many -omics datasets which she interrogates to investigate drug resistance, parasite development and host-parasite interaction to discover novel targets for vaccines and diagnostics. Krystyna joined the University of Galway in April 2019 continuing work started at Queen’s University, Belfast in the Molecular Parasitology Laboratory (MPL), focussed on developing ‘omics’-inspired vaccines for F. hepatica. In January 2021 she moved to the University of Liverpool to start a lectureship in Veterinary Parasitology. She continues to collaborate with the MPL and Teagasc, Athenry, Galway in the development and evaluation of new liver fluke vaccines in large animal trials (sheep and cattle).