Postgraduate Courses in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

As per the Regional West Enterprise Plan, the need to advance the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem has been highlighted by the Government of Ireland, and these programmes from NUI Galway are key contributors to this objective. The Regional West Enterprise Plan also lists AgTech and Life Sciences (medical devices make up the lion's share of this sector in Ireland) as two of its strategic objectives.

BioInnovate Ireland is a national health technology innovation programme based at NUI Galway. BioInnovate has helped to create 22 new companies successfully raising over €25 million in funding to date, has 81 fellowship alumni across the healthcare sector, and is on course to help improve millions of people’s lives worldwide.

Over 130 agri-entrepreneurs have learned how to create companies through the MSc in AgInnovation, with projects ranging from improvements in agricultural practice, digital farming, new food products, revitalising traditional sectors such as seaweed harvesting, wool, and beekeeping, and reimagining rural communities.

The college is a hotbed of entrepreneurship and innovation, we have filed over 45 patents in the last 5 years and developed over 13 spinout companies in the same time. 
Course Name Cao Code College/school
AgInnovation: Agricultural Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MSc) College of Science and Engineering
BioInnovation (PDip) College of Science and Engineering
TechInnovation (Distance Education) (MSc) College of Science and Engineering

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

What Our Students Say


Blátnaid Gallagher |   MSc:AgInnovation: Agricultural Innovation & Entrepreneurship

In the modern day, we are never far from a problem; from daily problems on a farm, to the bigger problems we face as humanity. But when problems like this exist and you feel, see and live them, what can be done? Well, we can innovate to solve them. A daunting task, and one I didn’t know how to even start, until I spotted the AgInnovation MSc course at National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway – and so, my journey began.The AgInnovation (agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship) Masters of Science (MSc) at NUI Galway puts a great perspective on what is needed to take a concept, a dream, an idea or an ambition, and bring it to fruition.

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