Launch of the Asian Development Bank’s Outlook 2019 (ADO), 3rd April 2019

Date Released: 3 April 2019

Today the Asian Development Bank’s flagship economic publication was launched, Asian Development Outlook 2019 (ADO). Co authored by SEMRU’s Dr. Thomas Mc Dermott, the outlook provides a comprehensive analysis of macroeconomic issues in developing Asia and the Pacific, including growth projections by country and region.


The theme chapter Strengthening Disaster Resilience shows that disasters, including their causes and consequences, are shaped by the dynamics of the economy, society, and environment in which they occur. Increasing disaster risk is a growing threat to the development and prosperity of countries across Asia and the Pacific, and the consequences — particularly in terms of fatalities and economic impacts —  tend to be more severe in developing countries and affect poor and marginalized people disproportionally.

The full report is available to download at: