Volunteer with the Organising Committee

We welcome undergraduate and postgraduate students to join the organising group and be part of the team!

To volunteer you can sign up online HERE on the ALIVE website

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NUI Galway Research Office Support

The team at the NUI Galway Research office are vital to nurturing a vibrant campus research ethos. Professor Lokesh Joshi, Vice-President for Research at NUI Galway explains how: “We are very much a research-led university. There is a vibrant and exciting research ethos among students at undergraduate level, postgraduate and PhD level. This event provides a platform for students to share their work, and for other students and members of the public to learn and explore a number of concepts around research.”

CKI Support

NUI Galway's CKI office is focused on enabling student engagement in community.   Student participation in organising and presenting in the conference is a demonstration of a democratic academic community providing an avenue for the student voice. 

“Our objective is to nurture in undergraduates’ first-hand research dissemination opportunities for their educational, professional and career development. Early exposure for undergraduates to research, especially through a conference environment, will spark a growth in future postgraduate opportunities,” said Lorraine Tansey, NUI Galway Institute for Life-course and Society member and CKI team member.

“We not only aim to bring the students and staff of NUI Galway closer together but we also aim to bring the community of Galway together, inviting members of the public and community to engage with undergraduate research. Secondary schools will be invited to nominate two students to attend a special aspect of the conference to sow the seeds of research in the next generation of researchers.”

Staff Support

Students will gain valuable skills in presenting and communicating their research as well as experience in attending a research conference.

Past conference Keynotes include staff of the James Hardiman Library, Career Development Centre and the Graduate Recruitment Office. 

Volunteer Committee 2018

Thank you to all our volunteers!

  • Sagar Gantyala
  • Edidiong Bassey
  • Daniel Ó Laocha
  • Daniel McFadden
  • Siobhan Langan
  • Mel Noordin

How to be a Conference Chair

The Open University have a great list of advice for Conference Chairs. If you would like to be a Chair please let us know at undergradconference@nuigalway.ie