Decentralised Data

Users, applications, and machines need to leverage the vast amounts of data that move among actors within complex information supply chains within our digital society. These data flows are needed to optimise physical and virtual systems in the areas of industry, environment, energy, water, waste, people (intellectual endowment and engagement), lifestyle, humanities, built environment, mobility (transportation), and public spaces. 

The Data Science Institute (DSI) has a longstanding focus on research in the development and use of decentralised data, originating out of ground breaking work on the Semantic Web and Linked Data and our past work at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI). 

DSI investigates alternative models to traditional centralised data management approaches. We believe that decentralised approaches to data management (including platforms and governance models) are critical to enabling users to harness the data from the global data ecosystem. Research topics on decentralised data include:

Our research on knowledge graphs is supported by Science Foundation Ireland as part of its funding for the [Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics] as well as through funding from Enterprise Ireland and the EU.