Our Mission

Cardiovascular medicine is increasingly dictated and regulated by evidence based guidelines stemming from randomized trials and registries. The CORRIB Research Center for Advanced Imaging and Core laboratory provides cutting-edge imaging methods and decades of cardiovascular imaging expertise to assess the imaging component of these trials and registries to ensure they are reproducible and yield the best outcomes. The Core lab is a centre of excellence for innovation, research, collaboration and education.

We support you through all phases of clinical trials:

  • Advice and design on the choice of imaging modality in clinical trials
  • Set up and monitoring of the imaging acquisition, quality at participating sites
  • Image reading and interpretation
  • Providing advice on the choice of imaging modality in clinical trials
  • Design of the imaging component of the clinical trial
  • Imaging sites selection, training and approval
  • Setup of the imaging acquisition at participating sites
  • Support all secure image transfer
  • Site performance index via central quality control and quality assurance of imaging
  • Central reading of images by trained staff
  • 100% over read by world experts
  • Fast turnaround time (5 business days) of image read
  • Imaging data interpretation by our expert leadership to support data submission and mechanistic understanding of therapy or treatment 
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