Building on an initial collaboration, originally established in 2010, Project Lifecourse represents Ireland’s most visible contribution to the growing international field of life course studies. By combining and harnessing existing strengths and international networks from across the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre (CFRC), the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology (ICSG), and the Centre for Disability Law and Policy (CDLP) it provides a unique opportunity to ensure the evolution of effective policy change across the life course and to avoid the policy gaps and conflicts that often plague social policy development.

Project Lifecourse also represents an investment of 2.6 million (1.5 million provided by The Atlantic Philanthropies) in the form of a dedicated programme of work and a significant capital investment in the form of a new purpose-built building. Augmented by a range of additional internal and external resources and capacities, it is intended that Project Lifecourse will become a catalyst for policy innovation, translational research and practice learning of national and international significance.

In addition to hosting teaching programmes, executive education schools and training workshops Project Lifecourse involves important collaborative work with citizens, communities and practice and policy stakeholders, and an extensive programme of research that will address crucial empirical and conceptual gaps in our knowledge concerning the life course of citizens.