Leagan Gaeilge

Foirm na Seirbhíse Aistriúcháin

AN tSEIRBHÍS AISTRIÚCHÁIN (The Translation Service)

The University Translation Service provides a translation, localisation, proofreading and editing service to academic and administrative departments within the University, thus assisting the University in its objective of fostering a truly bilingual campus community as well facilitating compliance by the University with legislative requirements arising from the Official Languages Act, 2003.  The Translation Service adheres to ISO17100:2015 (translation and translation services) which includes standards relating to translation project management, translation process, and technical and technological resources. 

The Translation Service provides a translation and language consultancy service to University staff. It does not provide a translation service to students.


The following are the instructions for requesting a translation or proofreading service from the Translation Service:

  1. Please send the Word document for translation or proofreading by email to aistriuchan@ollscoilnagaillimhe.ie. We only accept text in a Word document, no matter how short the text is.
  2. In the same email send the completed application form. The form is available at the following link: Foirm na Seirbhíse Aistriúcháin.
  3. Give the context of the translation and explain any new specialist terms/concepts contained in the text.
  4. It is up to the requester to format the translated text to match the original.

Your application will then be registered in the workflow schedule and given a unique reference number. A translator will contact you if there are any issues. A translator and an editor work on every text. The translated text will be returned to you when the translation and reviewing process is completed.


The order of priority for the work of the Translation Service is as follows:

  1. The obligations of the University of Galway in accordance with the University of Galway Language Schemes.
  2. The University of Galway's statutory obligations under the Official Languages ​​Act, 2003 and the Official Languages ​​(Amendment) Act, 2021.
  3. The statutory obligations of the University of Galway under the Universities Act, 1997.
  4. Responsibilities relating to the Irish Language Strategy 2021-2025 (University of Galway).
  5. Translations relating to the University's general policy of creating an exemplary bilingual campus.


  • Producing a high quality Irish language translation requires time and effort. Please consider this when proposing a deadline.
  • Please notify us in advance if you are preparing a document that will need to be translated urgently.
  • Our office cannot provide a same-day service.
  • To confirm that the Translation Service has received your request please use the Request read receipt facility on your email.
  • We recommend that priority be given to the Irish version in bilingual emails etc. Otherwise people will have read the English text before they see the Irish version. Whereas if a person does not understand Irish they will skip to the English version.
  • We do not translate emails or documents that have already been distributed to all staff in English only.
  • The Translation Service provides a proofreading only service to units in the University which operate through Irish.

Contact Information

An tSeirbhís Aistriúcháin/The Translation Service,
Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, 
University of Galway,
Co. Galway. 

Email:    aistriuchan@ollscoilnagaillimhe.ie