Internships & Volunteering

We welcome interns and volunteers and have initiated a programme to facilitate the same.

Clinical Legal Placements from NUI Galway

We welcome clinical placements from the Law School at NUI Galway. Academic credit is available within the NUI Galway Law School for such placements. The Centre views this programme as important in give law students an experiential opportunity toresearch issues that have practical relevance in the lives of persons with disabilities. Previous interns under this programme have worked on the European Yearbook on Disability Law & Policy as well as drafted an amicus brief to the European Court of Human Rights on the issue of legal capacity. Applicants are expected to apply in the first instance to the Law School for a placement. Please contact Larry Donnelly, who directs the School's Clinical Legal Education Programme, for further information.

International Clinical Legal Placements

The Centre hosts limited clinical placements from other international law schools and have accepted placements from Northeastern Law School (Boston MA). This programme is an important element of the work of the Centre and interns are highly valued members of the research community. Previous interns under this programme have worked on researching amicus briefs and legal developing databases in the broad field of disability. If interested in such a placement you should contact your own School for practical arrangements as well as the Director.

Volunteering Opportunities

We also welcome volunteers – especially from the University’s Community Knowledge Initiative – from a wide range of disciplines and to help us maintain our operations as well as our links with the broader community. Please ask the CKI staff how you might get involved.