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The LL.M. in International and Comparative Disability Law and Policy offers students an innovative and internationally focused programme dealing with the process of law reform and policy in the field of disability. This area of law is undergoing significant changes as a result of introduction of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This change in the legal landscape has informed the content and topics for study in the LL.M.

The Centre for Disability Law and Policy is at the forefront of doctoral research on disability and human rights in Europe. PhD students and graduates of the Centre come from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds and are engaged in research on a variety of topics, including accessible technology, inclusive development, independent living, mental health, legal capacity, disability advocacy and the intersection of disability and ageing. The Centre’s PhD students are actively involved in all the Centre’s activities, including developing legislative and policy submissions to government and international bodies and providing research support for community organisations in their respective fields. Our students have access to the Centre’s global network of disability scholars and activists – including through their involvement in the Annual International Disability Law Summer School each June.