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Project TitleOutcomes for Permanence and Stability for Children in Care
Commencement Date

July 2014-April 2017

Research Team Prof. Caroline McGregor,Dr Carmel Devaney and Dr Lisa Moran
Project Summary This study focuses upon outcomes for permanence and stability for children in long term care, general foster care, residential care and relative care of TUSLA, the Child and Family Agency in Ireland. Drawing upon a mixed method approach, the project aims to elicit and test a range of indicators of outcomes for children in Irish long term care services, providing a rich picture of factors affecting the likelihood of children to achieve permanency and stability in their living arrangements when exiting care.One of the principal aims of this study is to provide guidance for social work practitioners in Ireland on how best to identify and measure tangible outcomes with regard to stability and permanence for young people in care. This research is important therefore, for decision-making about achieving the best possible outcomes for children and young people in Irish care services and it is also significant for conference and court reporting about outcomes for children in care.

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Outcomes for Permanence and Stability for Children in Long-term Care


Scoping Review of International and Irish Literature on Outcomes for Permanence and Stability for Children in Care


Project TitleThe Evaluation of the Mol an Óige Common Sense Parenting Programme in Co. Mayo and Co. Roscommon
Date January 2015-April 2017
Research Team Mr John Reddy and Dr John Canavan
Project Summary The study evaluates the implementation of the Mol an Óige Common Sense Parenting (CSP) in Co. Mayo and Co. Roscommon. Over an 18 month evaluation period, the research assesses the efficacy and effectiveness of CSP in improving the parenting skills and the quality of family relationships for participants. The study researches the process of implementing CSP in order to learn how the programme was used and experienced by participating parents, families and practitioners. We assess the outcomes of CSP for participating parents, families and practitioners. A mixed method research design combines a review of relevant policy and literature, documentary analysis, secondary analysis of data from standardised research measures and satisfaction questionnaires gathered as part of programme implementation, and individual and focus group interviews. The standardised tools include questionnaires which measure change in CSP participants parenting, emotional and behavioural well-being and will be administered by CSP facilitators at pre- and post-intervention and at six month follow-up intervals.  Practitioners also will complete a practitioner questionnaire in order to record their views on the programme’s implementation and value.
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Project Title Evaluation of the CHART & A Life of Choices Programmes
Commencement Date 2013-2017
Research Team Dr Bernadine Brady and Dr John Canavan
Project Summary CHART and A Life of Choices are programmes used by Foróige in its youth justice projects.  The programmes support young people to reflect on their behaviour, to identify what influences them to act in particular ways and to make healthier choices. This mixed methods study explores the outcomes and implementation of the programmes.  The methods used include focus groups with young people and staff, a staff survey and pre and post measures with young people.  
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