The project's initial deliverables and project plan.

NORF Project Plan


  1. A database/inventory of repositories. 
  2. An audit report on existing practices for Irish repositories to identify strengths and gaps.
  3. An agreed and published national roadmap for OA repositories.
  4. A metadata implementation standard for research publications. 
  5. A set of community guidelines for metadata implementation.
  6. A governance approach to oversee compliance and quality in OA repositories 
  7. Guides to implement shared and best-practice standards for technical infrastructure and service provision within the network.
  8. Pilot implementation in 2-3 repositories. 


Task list with milestones, deliverables, and responsibilities.

Project startup (month 4) 

  • Research office project setup and finance 
  • Project documents and collaboration site 
  • Setup and agree project board and team 
  • Agree TOR and project governance 
  • Finalise project plan/task 
  • Finalise data management plan 
  • Recruit and appoint a PM 
  • Audit and research ready to start (milestone) 

Data capture and analysis (month 12) 

  • Review previous NORF and related work 
  • Collaborate with other NORF-funded projects and initiatives around the role of PIDs and rights retention 
  • Desk research (international tool, standards, policies) 
  • Audit repositories (surveys, self-assessment, and interviews) 
  • Create and conduct the survey 
  • Define and conduct a self-assessment process 
  • Data analysis 
  • Conduct 6-8 stakeholder interviews 
  • Conduct 6-8 repository manager interviews 
  • Conduct SWOT of Irish repositories 
  • Data analysis 
  • We understand the local landscape (milestone) 
  • Conduct gap analysis 
  • We know the issues in Irish repositories (milestone) 
  • International best practice 
  • Discover international best practice 
  • Engage with international best practice organisations (openAIRE, Rioxx, OpenDOAR, COAR etc) 
  • We understand international best practice (milestone) 
  • Analyse all data 
  • Ready to start creating an Irish solution and roadmap (milestone) 

Repository landscape (month 13) 

  • Create a database of Irish OA repositories 
  • Publish the inventory of repositories (Deliverable 1 - Project Manager
  • Publish an Irish repository landscape report (Deliverable 2 - Project Manager

Agree metadata approach (month 18) 

  • Draft metadata scheme 
  • Community feedback 
  • International feedback 
  • Stakeholder feedback 
  • Redraft metadata scheme 
  • Agree metadata scheme 
  • We are ready to pilot the draft metadata schema (milestone) 
  • Draft community guidelines for metadata implementation 
  • Draft of the governance framework 
  • Draft assessment of compliance approach 
  • Metadata schema support policies are drafted and ready for testing (milestone) 

Pilot and test metadata approach (month 25) 

  • Agree 2-3 pilot repositories 
  • Implement the new scheme in pilot repositories (Deliverable 8 - Project Manager
  • Test interoperability between Irish repositories 
  • Test interoperability with international aggregators 
  • Revise community guidelines for metadata implementation 
  • Revise governance framework 
  • Revise compliance approach 
  • Get feedback from the community and stakeholders 
  • Publish draft guidelines, compliance, and governance approach 

National roadmap (month 25) 

  • Desk research and engage with international best practice 
  • Consider other NORF-funded projects and initiatives around the role of PIDs and rights retention 
  • Consider longer-term outlook 
  • Consider compliance and quality 
  • Consider how to build on the pilot and rollout wider 
  • Draft national roadmap 
  • Revise national roadmap 
  • Publish roadmap (Deliverable 3 - Project Manager

Project close (month 27) 

  • Share and publish metadata approach 
  • Get final stakeholder feedback and revise metadata approach, guides, and documents.
  • Finalise metadata, guides, and documents (Deliverables 4, 5, 6, and 7 - Project Manager
  • Report on methodology, options considered, and a discussion of all findings.