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ROCSAFE News Feed This feed describes a number of advances in the area of remote forensics. Blood Spatters Reveal Suspect's Age Researchers at King’s College London have discovered a new method of forensic analysis which could more accurately predict the age of criminal suspects based on samples of blood and saliva found at crime scenes.

Thursday, 3 March 2022

Following the recent round of lecturer vacancies, the School of Computer Science is delighted to welcome it's newest member of academic faculty, Dr Ihsan Ullah. Dr Ihsan worked as postdoc in Computer Science and DSI for several years. More recently, he has been working in UCD in the CeADAR research centre.  Dr Ihsan Ullah's biography:  Dr. Ihsan Ullah did his Ph.D. in the University of Milan, specializing in designing lightweight deep neural network architectures with the pyramidal approach. He has more than nine years of research and development experience in applying Deep Learning to a variety of images, video, text, and time-series recognition problems while working with renowned labs in the US (Computational Vision and Geometry Lab at Stanford University), Europe (at CVPR Lab at the University of Naples Parthenope, Italy), and the Middle East (Visual Computing Lab in King Saud University, Saudi Arabia). Before joining the School of Computer Science in NUI Galway, he was a Senior Research Data Scientist in CeADAR Ireland's Centre for Applied AI in University College Dublin where he was the head of the Special Projects group and was actively involved in applying for various national and international fundings e.g., Horizon Europe, SFI, EI. Prior to that, he worked in NUI Galway as a Senior Postdoc, Adjunct Lecturer, and Project Manager of the H2020 project ‘ROCSAFE’. He also worked as a Postdoc at INSIGHT Research Centre in NUI Galway and Research Engineer in Prosa Srl Italy. Currently, his main areas of research interest are in designing lightweight deep learning models, computer vision and Pattern Recognition, explainable AI, federated learning, and differential privacy. He is an invited member of the National Standards Authority of Ireland prestigious ‘Top Team” on setting the national Standards in AI, and he is a steering committee member of