PhD research: Elena Nordio

Regionalism and Diversification in Seventh-Century Visigothic Latinity: A Sociolinguistic Approach

During the seventh century, the Iberian Peninsula witnessed a remarkable cultural flourishing, which was dominated by the figure of Isidore, bishop of Seville. However, given both the towering status of Isidore and the relatively scarcity of available sources, a thorough assessment of the Latin of this period has yet to be brought forth. This project aims to advance our understanding of seventh-century Visigothic Latinity by a systematic sociohistorical linguistic analysis of all the extant sources of the period. By doing so, it also seeks to contribute towards the research methodology concerning regional varieties of Latin in the Early Middle Ages.

Supervisor: Dr Jacopo Bisagni
Funding: Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship (2018–2022)

Research area: the Latin tradition