CEGS Heading

About Us

With complementary research interests in entrepreneurial venture growth and global scaling of entrepreneurial businesses, Prof. Jonathan Levie and Prof. Esther Tippmann recognised an opportunity in early 2019 to create a Centre for Entrepreneurial Growth & Scaling that would leverage existing research and networks of faculty across the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics with a specific focus on the management of business scaling. Within months, the Centre secured start-up funding from NUI Galway’s Strategic Fund, the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics, and the Western Development Commission. In 2019, Centre-funded research began with case research on Aerogen, a rapidly scaling medtech business based in Galway. In 2020, it ran its first series of masterclasses for top management teams in scale-up businesses, and took on its first PhD student. In 2021, it launched its own website.

Our Vision

Our vision for CEGS is to become a leading European centre of research and outreach for entrepreneurial growth and scaling that has a critical mass of researchers conducting research on the management of business scaling and leverage on that critical mass by partnering globally with leading academic and practitioner-led centres that focus on business scaling.

Our Mission

Leveraging insights provided by research and applied expertise, our mission is to empower scale-ups to overcome barriers to scaling and become leaders in their industries. We focus on the post start-up entrepreneurial journey of businesses that have achieved product-market fit and are now striving not just to grow, but to scale their operations. These businesses are called scale-ups. Our focus extends to managing their global scaling, including the management of their international offices.


What We Offer

Combining the insights gained from our research and outreach in scaling, we empower founders and business leaders with latest tools, entrepreneurial competencies and best practices in scaling. This enables them to scale their innovative business models, and transition quickly and effectively towards a global business. We offer structured facilitation of peer learning via group masterclasses and customised programmes specific to your business and industry needs to enable your scaling success.