Scaling V2

Our Scaling Masterclasses equip founders and leaders of scale-ups with the latest research-based tools and competencies required to successfully scale their businesses.

Structured facilitation of peer learning, where CEOs and functional heads learn with and from their peers in a managed context generates deeper learning than unstructured contexts such as random meetups at networking events. Actively listening to peers who are on the same journey can be both revealing and comforting for top managers in scaling businesses, but the topic needs to be relevant and the “so what” question needs to be addressed. We bring together management teams in non-competing businesses, either face to face or virtually, to learn scaling together and develop their own solutions to their own challenges in an approach that is more “guide on the side” than “sage on the stage”. The secret sauce is deceptively simple one pager exercises, co-created with managers over decades of research and training, that help managers to uncover underlying issues to the problems they face and devise practical strategies to address them.

Three hour workshops, a few weeks apart, cover a series of topics that are critical to scaling success.

See an independent report and unsolicited participant comments on our 2020 masterclass series here 

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