Eilís Ní Chaoimh

‌‌Eilís Ní Chaoimh

Eilís is a Hardiman Scholar and PhD candidate at the Centre for Disability Law and Policy. Their research explores mechanisms for accommodating neurodiversity in doctrines of mens rea. Eilís holds a Bachelor of Civil Law (Law and French) from University College Cork and a Bachelor of Civil Law from the University of Oxford. Prior to commencing their research at the CDLP, Eilís was a Third Secretary in the Department of Foreign Affairs and has worked on issues relating to Brexit and Northern Ireland as well as at the Irish Consulate in Atlanta, USA. 

Neurodiversity is the idea that differences in neurological functioning, such as ADHD and autism, are naturally occurring human variations similar to race, gender and sexual orientation. The neurodiversity movement rejects the idea that there is a “normal” standard of human neurological functioning. Instead of seeking to change neurodivergent people, the neurodiversity paradigm focuses on accommodating difference and achieving equality. Eilís’ research analyses existing doctrines of criminal responsibility and mens rea in Irish law using a human rights framework, the neurodiversity paradigm and insights from psychology and neuroscience in order to formulate an approach to the mental element of criminal responsibility that achieves equality and respect for the fundamental rights of neurodivergent people.

Thesis Topic: 'Accommodating Neurodiversity in Doctrines of Mens Rea'
Supervisor: Dr. Janos Fiala-Butora