Research from the biomechanics department on the application of fluid dynamics in medical devices. Image courtesy of Dr Nathan Quinlan Laboratory

Benefits to Industry

Academic–industry–clinician driven projects carried out with CÚRAM are guided through a well-managed industry programme that offers new product introduction, scalability of device and conformance with medical device standards, favourable licensing terms and conditions as well as strict scientific and financial project reporting structures. Each project is aligned with a senior principal investigator within CÚRAM and managed by our industry programme team through measurable deliverables and project milestones.

CÚRAM works closely with the National Standards Authority of Ireland to develop harmonised EN and ISO standards to facilitate future market approval of clinically validated, ready-for-market medical devices. We run a multidisciplinary research programme that explores novel methodologies and techniques to generate new, commercially relevant Intellectual Property for industry and ensure that high-value jobs are created and maintained in the medical device sector.

Advantages to industry partners are numerous and include:

  • Cost-effective research with excellent Irish university faculty, clinicians and clinical research facilities.
  • Access to university researchers, state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories and equipment from all member institutes
  • Companies can select research capabilities to meet specific requirements
  • Co-funding opportunities to de-risk early-stage technologies 
  • Opportunity to work directly with talented researchers - potential future hires
  • Rapid proposal evaluations
  • Increase competitive advantage both domestically and internationally 

For more information or to arrange a meeting with the Industry Programme Team contact our Research Business Leads:


Shubham Kochhar

(091) 494414