Mooting at the School of Law

Mooting is a great way to build valuable research skills, develop oral advocacy skills and gain a valuable insight into the law in practice. The School of Law strongly encourages students to engage in mooting opportunities at least once during their law degrees.

What is it?

Mooting involves the preparation of written legal submissions and the delivery of oral argument in a mock hearing based on a set of hypothetical facts. The moot is set around an appeal case so there is no hearing of witnesses or expert evidence. Participants, usually working in a team of two, deliver their oral argument, respond to questions from the bench, and respond to the arguments of the opposing counsel. The sitting judge then adjudicates on the basis of the oral and written submissions. 

Why do it?

  • Build research, writing and oral advocacy skills
  • Experience what it is like to participate in a legal case
  • Work as a team and make valuable contacts
  • Enhance your CV and employment opportunities
  • Build confidence
  • Develop public speaking and presentation skills

Peo Mosepele |   BCL International/ Legal Researcher at Department of Justice

Undertaking the moot court module is one of the best decisions I made during my academic studies. This module was unlike any other class I had ever taken. It gave me the opportunity to understand the practical side of the law insofar as I was required to draft legal submissions and present arguments in a courthouse before a real-life judge. The experience was invaluable because it gave me a glimpse into the challenges faced by lawyers involved in litigation. In addition to this, the module greatly enhanced my advocacy skills whilst also teaching me essential legal etiquette. A further unexpected benefit to moot court is that it has been a great topic of conversation in any legal interview I have undertaken. I have done several high-profile job interviews and in all these interviews I have been asked about my moot court experience. Therefore, I would highly recommend this module to any student seeking to establish a career in law.

Michael Wilkins |   BCL/ Legal Counsel at Davidson Kempner

In my second year at NUI Galway I took part in two moot court competitions. I decided to get involved because I always enjoyed debating and it seemed like a great way to add to my legal education. Taking part in mooting pushes you to explore areas of the law that are often in dispute so you gain a great insight into very topical issues. Furthermore, mooting allows you to put the legal skills you learn in the classroom into practice and the preparation phase greatly improves your research skills. From an employer's point of view, engaging in mooting shows that you take a genuine interest in your studies and thus, enhances your employability.