Citation Style

The School of Law has adopted the OSCOLA Ireland method of legal citation as the School style of legal citation, in default of written agreement to the contrary. OSCOLA Ireland, by kind permission, is based on the Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA). OSCOLA is edited by the Oxford Law Faculty, in consultation with the OSCOLA Editorial Advisory Board.

Please refer to the following sources;

  1. OSCOLA Ireland 2nd Edition 2016
  2. OSCOLA Ireland Quick Ref. 2016
  4. (for further queries, please see this online resource.)
  5. For a fuller instruction on the OSCOLA Ireland method of legal citation please refer to the following legal text book: “How to think, Write and Cite: Key Skills for Irish Law Students” (2nd ed) by Jennifer Schweppe, Rónán Kennedy, Elaine Fahey and Lawrence Donnelly, published by Thomson Reuters (Professional) Ireland Limited in 2016. See the University of Galway library catalogue at 808.06634 SCH or buy online.

Academic Integrity at University of Galway

 Academic Integrity at University of Galway Academic Integrity is fundamental to all areas of scholarship, teaching and learning. The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) defines it as a commitment, even in the face of adversity, to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage. It is important that the University community work together to promote academic integrity. Recent years have seen an increase in certain kinds of academic misconduct globally. In response to the challenges this changing academic integrity landscape brings, the University of Galway have in 2022 approved a new Academic Integrity policy. The consistent use of policies and procedures alongside work to promote academic integrity, deter and detect misconduct is widely recognised as the best approach to cultivating a strong culture of academic integrity amongst the university community. CELT have produced and curated a number of resources designed to help further this cause. They can be accessed internally through the CELT SharePoint Academic Integrity page.

Academic Integrity Policy

The current Academic Integrity policy was approved by Academic Council in 2022. This policy was developed in consultation with academic staff, academic integrity advisors, students, and international academic integrity experts.  See the complete Academic Integrity Policy and the Appendix.‌