Completed PhD: Dr Jason O’Rorke (2017)

Voice of Ancients: An examination of verbal diathesis and its didactic practices in Latin grammars from Late Antiquity to the early Middle Ages

My research analyses the theory and the terminology of verbal diathesis in Latin grammatical treatises of the Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages (3rd–10th century AD). Furthermore, it examines the didactic methods employed by Latin grammarians to lead their students (and, more generally, their readers) through the intricacies of grammatical theory. The thorough investigation of these teaching techniques should improve our understanding of Ancient and Early Medieval linguistic education and language learning.

Supervisor: Dr Jacopo Bisagni
Funding: NUI Galway College of Arts and Social Science Fellowship (2010–2011), Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (2011–2014)

Research area: the Latin tradition