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E: mahya.ostovar@universityofgalway.ie
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Dr Mahya Ostovar is lecturer in Business Information Systems at J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics. She holds a PhD in Management Information Systems from ESSEC Business School in France.
Mahya is an interdisciplinary researcher working at the intersection of Information Systems and Organisation Studies fields. As a qualitative researcher, Mahya uses data collection methods such as interview, ethnography, and digital ethnography. Her research focuses on social impacts of digital technology specifically on alternative forms of organising, digital activism, online social movement, future of work, and online identity.

Research Interests

Online social movements, Social media, Online identity, Online labor platforms, Future of work

Peer Reviewed Journals

  Year Publication
(2019) 'Producing solidarity in social media activism: The case of My Stealthy Freedom'
Maya Stewart & Ulrike Schultze (2019) 'Producing solidarity in social media activism: The case of My Stealthy Freedom'. Information and Organization, [Details]

Conference Publications

  Year Publication
(2021) ICIS 2021
Maya Stewart & Reza Mousavi Baygi (2021) Use, Delegation, or Beyond? Exploring Human-Technology Relationship in the Age of Algorithmically Organized Work ICIS 2021 [Details]
(2019) ICIS 2019
Reza Mousavi Baygi & Maya Stewart (2019) Amazon mechanical turk and the reconfiguration of relations of data production ICIS 2019 [Details]
(2017) ICIS 2017
Maya Stewart & Ulrike Schultze (2017) A Performative Identity Perspective of Cyberactivism: The Case of My Stealthy Freedom ICIS 2017 [Details]

Conference Contributions

  Year Publication
European Conference of Information Systems,
Mahya Ostovar, Anastasia Griva ECIS. [Oral Presentation], European Conference of Information Systems, Norway . [Details]


  Year Institution Qualification Subject
2018 ESSEC Business School PhD Business Administration-Information Systems




  Journal Role
European Journal Of Information Systems Editor

Teaching Interests

Digital transformation, digital business platforms, digital innovation, project management, social media management, data visualization

Modules Taught

  Term/Year Module Title Module Code Subject / Desc
2022 Information Systems Technology MS113
2024 The Future of Technology in Work and Society I MS3110
2024 Implementing Digital Innovation MS4104
2024 Management Information Systems MS873
2023 Implementing Digital Innovation MS4101
2023 Implementing Digital Innovation MS8101