Mr Christophe Labriere

Dr, Msc



Christophe graduated with a MSc in Chemistry at the University of Occidental Brittany (Brest, France), a Master of Research in Biomolecular Engineering (Montpellier, France), a French elite postgraduate 'Diplôme d'Ingénieur Chimiste' and a PhD in Medicinal Organic Chemistry (Gif-sur-Yvette, France).

Part time Master of Research in Oncology (Gustave Roussy Institute, France) and Chemical Ecology-Biotechnology (University of Southern Brittany, France) as a hobby. 

After his PhD, Christophe moved around the world to be exposed to different cultures and research perspectives.

During his peregrinations, he has been involved in research works in Canada, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Germany and Ireland.

His research interests focus on the interface between chemistry and biology, with an expertise in medicinal organic chemistry and research interests spanning from green & sustainable synthesis, drug discovery, bioprospection, (marine) nature products chemistry to chemical ecology.
 The 'One Health' concept relates to some of his interests, making a connection between human, animal and environment, and promoting a systemic approach at the intersection of three domains.

Dr. Labriere is the author of 6 patents, 14 publications and a reviewer for European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry & Marine Pollution Bulletin. He raised 173K euros within the framework of Horizon H2020 (European Commission).

Research Interests

Chemistry-biology interface, medicinal & pharmaceutical chemistry, natural products bioprospection & synthesis, marine natural products, chemical ecology, One Health


  Patent Number Title Granted
PCT/CA2015/000434 Anti-Bacterial Pyruvate Kinase Modulator Compounds, Compositions, Uses, And Methods
WO/2014/115071/A1 Guillou, C.; Labriere, C.; Meijer, L., Preparation of indole, benzothiophene or benzofuran derivatives and analogs as kinase inhibitors, particularly as CLK1, DYRK1A and PIM 1 inhibitors
P62/023751 Anti-Bacterial Pyruvate Kinase Modulator Compounds, Compositions, Uses, And Methods
P1329US00 Anti-Bacterial Pyruvate Kinase Modulator Compounds, Compositions, Uses, And Methods.
WO/2012/051708; PCT/CA2011/001175 Anti-Bacterial Pyruvate Kinase Modulator compounds, compositions, uses, and methods.
WO/2010/150211; PCT/IB2010/052866 Use of derivatives of indoles for the treatment of cancer