University of Galway Press Office

The University’s media relations team is the primary point of contact for journalists and others working in media.

One element of our job is to help you to tell your story or to advise you as to how best to reach audiences.

If you have an idea for media coverage or if you have something you feel is newsworthy, whether it is research-based; institutional development; a human interest story or anything else that you feel is important and would generate media interest, please contact –

Feel free to send a brief on your news and include high quality imagery or other content.

We are located in The Archway, Quadrangle Building. Please feel free to call in.

University of Galway Media Relations Team:

Ed Carty

Media Relations Officer (and a former journalist and news editor for many years with the Press Association news agency and a former special advisor)

E -

T – 0864178175

Sheila Gorham

Press & Information Officer (and a communications specialist and native Irish speaker who has more than 10 years public relations experience)

E –

T – 0867871248

Communications, media and public relations

-          There are many ways that we can help to tell your story. We are often the unseen facilitator, offering insight and advice on how you can define your audience and how you share your story with them.

-          A press release is just one way of doing that.

-          Please engage with us and we will work with you to find the most suitable avenues to explore to try to promote your story.