Application Open 

Applications for our summer camps are now open and will close on Wednesday 12 June.

Applications are now closed.

If you have never used the portal before you will have to create a new account to submit an application.

Further information on summer camp dates, times, courses available etc. is available here

Please note: places are allocated on a random selection basis and not everyone that applies will be offered a place. 

Application Process

To apply for a place in the Youth Academy parents must complete an online application form. 

You will need to create an account in order to apply - see details below or click on Primary Application and Selection Policy to download instruction guidelines.


Selection Process

Youth Academy typically attracts a high volume of applications each year and places are offered following a random selection process.  Once the application window closes our system will:

  1. Weigh all applicants equally and, via the application system, be assigned a random ranked position on the applicant list.
  2. From this ranked list of applicants, the system will begin to fill the places available in each of the courses available, starting with 1st preference course choice, followed by 2nd preference course choice, followed by 3rd preference course choice. The allocation process will continue to fill places on basis of 1) randomly assigned rank and 2) course selection and place availability.
  3. Once all places are filled, all allocated applicants will be checked for eligibility

The random approach to the selection process means the following will not be taken into consideration in the allocation of places:

  1. The timing of applications within the open window. The timing of making an application is not relevant to the selection process (being the first to apply does not guarantee a place).
  2. Sibling applications. There is no guarantee that if two siblings in a family applied that they will both be accepted, even if the two applications are made at the same time.

Further information on our application and section policy is available here: Primary Application and Selection Policy