In 2020, the Centre for Entrepreneurial Growth and Scaling in collaboration with the Galway Technology Centre (GTC) delivered a program to support founders and senior management of growth-stage tech companies to scale their business successfully.

 A series of scaling masterclasses was delivered by Prof. Jonathan Levie and Prof. Esther Tippmann sharing their intensive knowledge of working with and researching scaling firms, supporting them to accomplish their full growth potential. 

The masterclasses were focused on design and successful execution of scaling strategies covering several critical topics, such as mastering replication and entrepreneurship, leading at scale, selling at scale, and financing scaling. Interactive pedagogies included case-studies, peer-to-peer learning, and knowledge exchange sessions with guest facilitators, including John McArdle (Channel Mechanics) and Stephen McIntyre (Frontline Ventures). 

The participating ventures benefited from the unique blend of scholarly insights combined with applied knowledge accumulated through years of scaling experience by guest speakers.

Click here to read insights of Niamh Costello, former General Manager at GTC, regarding the program and unsolicited comments from the participants.

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