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Geraldine Lavelle, Author, Writer.

Geraldine Lavelle’s life changed in an instant in 2013 when she was involved in a horrific road accident while out for a routine cycle ride. The Castlebar woman suffered a spinal cord injury that left three-quarters of her body paralysed. Overnight, Geraldine had to adapt from being an independent, physically active young woman to a new world where she required assistance to perform the most basic tasks.

Since acquiring her disability, Geraldine has worked at Abbott Diagnostics, lectured in health science and physiology at ATU Sligo and qualified as a special needs assistant. She is raising awareness about the challenges of inclusivity for those living with disabilities and participation in sporting activities. She is also a passionate advocate for people living with disabilities and has contributed regular articles to the Western People, Sligo Champion, and several national media outlets.

Her new book, ‘Weathering the Storm’ is an account of her journey over the last nine years from the days following her accident to her emergence as a powerful and articulate voice for people with disabilities in Ireland.