Please watch the appropriate welcome videos for your programme - e.g. Law (BCL) and Business - language options and support supports that are available to you.

Pre-Recorded Videos

Welcome Videos (Updated 13/09/23)

A Welcome from your Programme Director

Overview of Law (BCL)

Overview of Law & Human Rights

Overview of Law & Business

Overview of Law & Taxation

Overview of Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Language options in the School of Law (Updated 13/09/23)


Legal French

Legal German


Programme Options (Updated 12/09/23)

Introduction to Mooting

Placement Options & Studying Abroad Options (for Language and Non-Language Students)

Student Supports (Updated 13/09/23)

Introduction to the Student Advisor

Celebrating Difference: A Key Benefit of a University of Galway Education

This video, by Deirdre Curran, Vice Dean for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, can be watched on Microsoft Streams.

Additional links cited in the video can be accessed here: