People in Classics at the University of Galway

Lecturing staff

Dr Grace Attwood (
Lecturer in Classics. Room 507. 2BA and International Students co-ordinator.
Research interests: Latin poetry; the inheritance of the Latin tradition in the pre-modern era.

Dr Jacopo Bisagni (
Lecturer in Classics. Room 505. 3/4BA co-ordinator.
Research interests: historical linguistics, medieval Latinity, early Irish monasticism and monastic poetry.

Prof. Michael Clarke (
Established Professor of Classics. Room 506. 1BA co-ordinator.
Research interests: ancient and medieval languages, comparative mythology, Classical and medieval heroic literature.

Dr Edward Herring (
Senior Lecturer in Classics. Room 504. Head of Discipline.
Research interests: archaeology of South Italy, ethnicity in Antiquity.

Dr Pádraic Moran (
Lecturer in Classics. Room 510. On research leave during 2023–26.
Research interests: education, scholarship and language-interaction in Antiquity and the early Middle Ages; grammars, glosses and glossaries; digital editions and resources. See


See Postdoctoral researchers and PhD researchers.

Emeritus staff


Margaret Logan
Office: Tower 2, Room 508 (mornings only)
Phone: 091 495448