PhD research: Dr Ioannis Doukas (2022)

A Trojan Cycle for Late Antiquity: Towards a Digital Intertextual Commentary

This work focuses on three late Greek epic poems: the Posthomerica by Quintus of Smyrna, The Sack of Troy by Triphiodorus and the Abduction of Helen by Colluthus (ca. 3rd-5th centuries CE). These are reworkings of the Trojan myth and relate the events which either follow or precede the narrative time of the Iliad. To examine them in terms of their interdependence with earlier texts, a close reading is performed on them, partially assisted by digital tools, and leads to the identification of instances of intertextuality. Stemming from them, selected test cases are discursively analysed in detail, in order to propose an assessment and understanding of intertextuality in Late Epic. Apart from the philological analysis, the work includes an electronic resource, conceived and built as a born-digital commentary, focusing on the visual representation of intertextuality.

Supervisors: Prof. Michael Clarke, Dr Pádraic Moran
Funding: Digital Arts and Humanities Structured PhD Scholarship (2014–2018)

Research area: Digital Humanities