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Both Continental and Analytic styles of philosophy are encouraged for research in this discipline. The main areas for postgraduate research are post-Kantian and contemporary Continental philosophy, aesthetics and bioethics. Within the Centre for Bioethical Research and Analysis (COBRA), which the department hosts, research projects in areas of bioethics and professional ethics are especially encouraged. Within the area of Continental philosophy we have particular interests in Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Art and Culture, and Philosophy of Religion. Postgraduate research is also invited in the areas of Political Philosophy, Modern Philosophy (early and late), Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Psychiatry, Philosophy of Mind and Irish thought.

Programmes Available

MLitt (Philosophy), full-time
MLitt (Philosophy), part-time

Applications are made online via the University of Galway Postgraduate Applications System


Learning Outcomes

Entry Requirements

Successful applicants will hold a primary degree, or equivalent qualification, or for PhD a Masters degree at Second Class Honours, Grade 1 level or above, or GPA level 3.3 or above, or equivalent international qualification, in philosophy or a cognate discipline.

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Research Areas

Dr. Tsarina Doyle: Epistemology and metaphysics in early and late modern philosophy, with particular emphasis on Leibniz, Kant and Nietzsche. Historical and contemporary debates on issues of cognition, value and culture. 
Dr. Richard Hull: The ethics of disability; bioethics, professional ethics, and political philosophy.
Dr. Heike Schmidt-Felzmann: Main interests are ethics/bioethics and the philosophy of psychology and psychiatry. Other interests are feminist ethics, health care ethics, professional and research ethics.

Dr. Felix O Murchadha: Main focus is phenomenology and the philosophy of religion. Other interests are philosophy of violence, philosophy of time and the work of Husserl, Heidegger, Gadamer, Merleau-Ponty, Ricoeur, and Levinas.

Dr. Nick Tosh: Philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, philosophy of history, and philosophy of mind. 

Dr Gerald Cipriani, Cert., Cert.Ed., Pg.CRM, MA, Ph.D. : Philosophy of culture, aesthetics, art theory, ethical phenomenology, contemporary French philosophy, dialogical philosophy East-West

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Course Fees

Fees: EU

€5,750 p.a. (€5,890 including levy) 2024/25

Fees: Non EU

€14,500 p.a. (€14,640 including levy) 2024/25

Extra Information

EU Part time: Year 1 €4,250 p.a. (€4,390 including levy) 2024/25

All students, irrespective of funding, must pay the student levy of €140.

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Pearce Johnson |   PhD (Full Time)

I have found the philosophy PhD programme in NUI Galway to be one which fosters the opportunity for a depth of research into one's particular area of interest by providing the creative freedom and expert supervisory guidance to fully explore that area. The department staff are all specialists of the highest calibre in their fields of interest which are diverse enough that any prospective philosophical enquiry can be accommodated.