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Course Overview

The Bachelor of Commerce (Global Experience) degree is a four-year comprehensive business course, where students complete modules from all different areas of business in the first two years of the degree. In year three students undertake a work placement, study abroad or a combination of the work placement and study abroad. In final year students specialise in one stream, from Accounting & Performance Measurement, Economics & Public Policy, Management of Human Resources, Marketing Management, Digital Business & Analytics, Finance, Business Law or International Business. The aim of the programme is to give students the necessary knowledge, skills, networks and experience to succeed in the business world, but also in their workplace, work-life and communities.

Global Experience Year Options
  • 1. 6 Month Work Placement in Ireland & 1 Semester Studying Abroad
  • 2. Year-long Study Abroad

  • Limited opportunities are also available for a year-long international work placement


Areas of Specialism 

Accounting & Performance Measurement: Students study accounting and accounting-related modules, positioning them for a career in accountancy and related areas. Depending on the modules chosen, exemptions are available to successful students in the professional accountancy bodies’ exams. In addition, students may apply for entry, on a competitive basis, to the Master of Accounting (MAcc) programme at NUI Galway or equivalent postgraduate accounting programmes in other universities.

Find out more about our Accounting Exemptions here.

Economics & Public Policy: Students can apply their economic theory to modules as diverse as the economics of globalisation, the economics of money and finance, and health and environmental economics. Economics specialist students are well placed to undertake either postgraduate research at home or abroad, or to embark on a variety of careers in business and economic policy analysis.

Management of Human Resources: This specialisation focuses on the management of the human factor in organisations, exploring the nature of the employment relationship and the rights and obligations of the parties involved. It also focuses on the theoretical bases for the best utilisation of human resources (HR). It is targeted at students with a particular interest in the human aspect of organisations and those intending to develop a career in the HR management area.

Marketing Management: This specialisation provides an excellent foundation in a range of key and popular marketing topics, such as media and marketing communications, brand management, marketing analytics and research, digital marketing planning, the marketing of services and global marketing. The discipline’s research programme enhances each subject’s content, ensuring it is taught to world-class standards.

Digital Business & Analytics: This specialisation focuses on the implementation, use and management of information systems within business. It contains practice-based modules that teach students how to create IS using database technology, web design technology and computer programming languages. It also provides modules that enable students to investigate how to manage IS within business. Students will be well positioned to secure jobs as management consultants specialising in IS or to work within the IS department of a business.

Finance: This specialisation focuses on a diverse range of important contemporary topics in national and international finance, including international monetary systems, banking, exchange rates, financing and investment decisions, taxation, financial reporting, investments and issues of financial management inherent in managing multinational corporations and institutions. Students will be readily employable in private sector financial services firms as well as both Irish and international public sector financial institutions.

Business Law: This specialisation focuses on the legal aspects of business. Students taking this stream will study core aspects of the law as it relates to commercial activity, such as Company Law. It is also possible to go into depth on topics that are central to many businesses, such as intellectual property, information technology law, and international trade law. Students who complete the stream can progress to the LLB degree and can then go on to qualify as solicitors or barristers. Training in law and business also opens up many other careers, such as journalism, public service, and senior management.

International Business: This specialisation focuses on managing people, diversity in culture and how to effectively lead and manage in a global marketplace. The specialisation focuses on developing knowledge and expertise in international business and cross-cultural management and provides students with the knowledge and skills required for a career in international management and multinational corporations as well as other organisations. Using a multidisciplinary approach, students develop their cultural awareness skills and understand how to operate effectively in a dynamic global business environment.

The programme provides students with a mix of large lectures and smaller group tutorials where they can ask further questions and get help with coursework.  Our lecturers’ links with industry ensure that the programme is up-to date, relevant and useful to today’s graduates and employers.  Specially tailored modules such as Skills for Business which is now taken by second year students. This one–semester module is designed to improve student employability and preparation for the workplace by developing a set of practical skills that form the basis for effective working life. The programme allows students to work individually and in groups on different projects which are relevant to the ever-changing and dynamic business environment, thus developing their business and interpersonal skills.

Deloitte Partnership

University of Galway is pleased to be partnering with  Deloitte on the BComm (Global Experience) course. 

Applications and Selections

Who Teaches this Course

Requirements and Assessment

Key Facts

Entry Requirements

Minimum Grade H5 in two subjects and passes in four other subjects at O6/H7 level in the Leaving Certificate, including Irish, English, another language, Mathematics, and any two other subjects recognised for entry purposes.

Additional Requirements

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


4 years

Next start date

September 2024

A Level Grades (2023)

Average intake


QQI/FET FETAC Entry Routes

2 (More Info)

Closing Date
NFQ level

Mode of study

ECTS weighting




Course code

Course Outline

Year One

  • Introduction to Management Accounting/Financial Accounting
  • Business Information Systems andInformationManagement for Business
  • Foundations of Marketing Thought
  • Choice between Spanish, German or Gaeilge or Skills for Success and Business Law I (Please note that  Beginners Spanish will not be available for students enrolling from 2026 onwards (but will be available for students enrolling in 2024 and 2025). 
  • Mathematics for Business
  • Data Science for Business Analytics I
  • Management: Enterprise and Society
  • Skills for Success

Year Two

  • Applied Microeconomics for Business
  • Management Accounting I
  • Skills for Business
  • Business Finance I
  • Macroeconomics and the Business Environment
  • Data Science for Business Analytics II
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Leading Individuals, Teams and Projects
  • HRM & Decent Work
  • Managing Digital Transformation
  • Applied Microeconomics for Business
  • Macroeconomics and the Business Environment

Plus two optional modules from the following:

  • International Financial Reporting I
  • Introduction to Financial Economics
  • Economics of Public Policy
  • Business Law II
  • Doing Business in China - Chinese Language & Culture I
  • Marketing & Sustainability
  • Cybersecurity
  • Entrepreneurial Venture Development
  • Introduction to Sustainability 2

Year Three

  • One semester studying abroad in the USA, Australia, China/Hong Kong or Europe and one semester on work placement in Ireland, or
  • Full academic year of study abroad,or Full academic year of work placement 

 Year Four

  • Ireland in the Global Economy
  • Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Strategy
  • Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise

Specialise in a business discipline/stream:

  • Accounting & Performance Measurement
  • Economics & Public Policy
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Digital Business & Analytics
  • Marketing Management
  • Finance
  • Business Law
  • International Business
  • Enterprise

In addition to the above-listed disciplines/streams, students may take optional modules from a list of electives.

Modules are assessed by means of continuous assessment/assignments and/or final/terminal exams. 

Curriculum Information

Curriculum information relates to the current academic year (in most cases).
Course and module offerings and details may be subject to change.

Glossary of Terms

You must earn a defined number of credits (aka ECTS) to complete each year of your course. You do this by taking all of its required modules as well as the correct number of optional modules to obtain that year's total number of credits.
An examinable portion of a subject or course, for which you attend lectures and/or tutorials and carry out assignments. E.g. Algebra and Calculus could be modules within the subject Mathematics. Each module has a unique module code eg. MA140.
Some courses allow you to choose subjects, where related modules are grouped together. Subjects have their own required number of credits, so you must take all that subject's required modules and may also need to obtain the remainder of the subject's total credits by choosing from its available optional modules.
A module you may choose to study.
A module that you must study if you choose this course (or subject).
Required Core Subject
A subject you must study because it's integral to that course.
Most courses have 2 semesters (aka terms) per year, so a three-year course will have six semesters in total. For clarity, this page will refer to the first semester of year 2 as 'Semester 3'.

Year 3 (0 Credits)

Year 4 (0 Credits)

Further Education

Graduates can take specialist postgraduate programmes, which are available in all of the core business disciplines.

Accounting graduates may be eligible for admission to the Master of Accounting programme at NUI Galway or elsewhere.  Graduates of the Masters of Accounting programme are eligible for significant exemptions from the professional examinations of Chartered Accountants Ireland, and are required to pass only the Institute's Final Admitting Examination prior to being admitted to Associate membership of the Institute.

Click here for more infomation on our Taught Postgraduate Programmes

Why Choose This Course?

Career Opportunities

Graduates are highly successful and sought after in all areas of business,  including Accounting, Management consultancy, Taxation, Public service, Commercial advisory services, Economic policy advice, Marketing, Human resource management, Information systems management, Finance, Personnel management, Teaching and/or research. The work placement and international study experience increases the career opportunities, both at home and abroad. 

Graduates can also go on to select from a range of postgraduate programmes in their chosen discipline at the J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics.

Deloitte Partnership

University of Galway is pleased to be partnering with  Deloitte on the BComm (Global Experience) course. 

Brendan Jennings, Managing Partner, Deloitte commented: “At Deloitte, we see first-hand, and on a daily basis, the ever-increasing need for international experience and an ability to work across borders. Our clients are operating in a more globally connected way than ever before, and therefore we need to work this way also. We are delighted to support the  Deloitte scholars in gaining this important and valuable experience. We very much believe that it will equip them well in their future business careers.”

Innovation: Creativity and Enterprise – ICE A partnership with business to drive innovation with students

Final year students in the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics are provided with the opportunity to put the business knowledge they have gained through their studies into practice through a module in Innovation: Creativity and Enterprise (ICE). Developed in conjunction with entrepreneur Pádraig O’Céidigh, the module involves partnering with local business leaders to provide opportunities for all students to engage in projects, requiring them to innovate in a variety of interesting areas in a business or community setting. More than 30 local business and community leaders get involved each year, mentoring students in group-based projects, requiring them to innovate in a variety of interesting areas.

Work Placement

Students taking the BComm (Global Experience) (GY209) have the opportunity undertake a semester work placement in year 3 of the programme.

Work Placement partners include: • DHKN • Corrib Oil • Grant Thornton • KPMG • Accenture • Abbott • Wayfair   • ESB Group • Medtronic • Shelbourne Hotel • Boston Scientific • Alkermes • PwC • Aviva  Aerogen • Zurich • Creganna.

Placement Partners

Who’s Suited to This Course

Is Commerce for me? In attempting to answer this question, you should ask yourself whether you enjoyed business-related subjects or enterprise projects at second level? Are you curious about how firms, markets and economies operate? Might you have a flair for decision-making or sales in organisations? Are you interested in accounting or possibly setting up a business? Are you innovative, entrepreneurial or creative? If your answer to some of these questions is ‘yes’, then Commerce is for you.

Learning Outcomes

Transferable Skills Employers Value

Work Placement

Study Abroad

Students taking the BComm (Global Experience) (GY209) undertake study abroad in year 3 of the programme. . We have strong links with 80+ partner universities in Europe, North America, China, South Korea, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

Click here to check out our Interactive Study Abroad Global Map.

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 ‌  ‌  ‌‌‌‌

In addition, Double degree opportunities are also available from select partners as part of the BComm (Global Experience). We currently have four prestigious double degree partners: KU Leuven, Belgium, ICN Business School Nancy, Burgundy School of Business (BSB) in Dijon both in France and Pforzheim in Germany. This provides an opportunity to qualify with a degree from University of Galway and the host university abroad by the end of your four-year programme. Click here to learn more about our double degree partners and opportunities.


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Course Fees

Fees: EU

€5,598 p.a. (€5,738 p.a. including levy) 2024/25

Fees: Tuition

€2,598 p.a. 2024/25

Fees: Student Contribution

€3,000 p.a. 2024/25

Fees: Student levy

€140 p.a. 2024/25

Fees: Non EU

€18,500 p.a. (€18,640 p.a. including levy) 2024/25

EU Fees are comprised of Tuition + Student Contribution Charge + Student Levy** €140.  **Payable by all students and is not covered by SUSI.  Further detail here.

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What Our Students Say


Kerry Tynan |   B.Comm Global Experience Student (Aarhus, Denmark)

The semester I spent in Aarhus- Denmark was an experience I will treasure forever. Aarhus business school was the college I studied in for my four months in Denmark it had its own campus near the city centre. It was amazing to get to witness another countries education system first hand. The class sizes were significantly smaller, and in class discussions were built into most lectures, which meant you were focused and got the chance to share your own viewpoint. There was so much to do as a student on Erasmus, with Friday bars open every week on campus, the beautiful side streets to explore, and free winter bathing on Saturday and Sunday morning. The friends I made while living abroad were from all over the world, from Germany to Australia, and I am forever grateful that Erasmus gave me the opportunity to meet people I will have for a lifetime. I would urge anyone to go to Aarhus for their study abroad and experience what I was lucky enough to.

Aoife Rabbette |   B.Comm Global Experience Student (Fordham NYC)

Studying abroad in NYC at Fordham University was the opportunity of a lifetime and I took advantage of every single second of it. I also visited Boston and Washington D.C. during my time in the states, both beautiful cities that I am so thankful I was able to visit. I made friends from all over Europe and the US during my time at Fordham, who I am forever grateful to for making my time in NY so special. I was also able to witness Katie Taylor make history in Madison Square Garden in April. I feel extremely thankful for the opportunity to study abroad in New York and I hope to return to this city again very soon. As always, thank you to all the global team in National University of Ireland, Galway for their guidance and support throughout the study abroad process.

Erika Feerick |   HR Officer at Ryanair

During my placement in The Shelbourne Hotel I gained so much more experience than I ever expected. I was really thrown in the deep end and I was all the better for it. Everything I learnt from my first two years in Commerce really helped me to apply this experience to my theoretical knowledge. Although this placement was specifically in HR, I felt as though my exposure to all areas in business helped me to be a more effective HR assistant as I was able to relate to the work being done in all departments. I particularly found any work we covered in employment relations, finance and employment law to be helpful for this placement. This wide-ranging experience allowed me to fully understand the workings of HR department. I also enjoyed how approachable and friendly all the associates were and how the many associate events made it easy to make new friends.

Ryan Ludden |   Business Development Manager, Sprintax

The work placement provided me with an incredible amount of confidence and drive to enhance my career in Marketing going forward and the learnings taken from this programme are still being applied first hand today in my current marketing role.

Liam Pingree |   Current Student

The B.Comm Global Experience offers so much more then can possibly be expressed on paper, the value of the experiences and people you meet have an enormously positive impact on you, widening your mind and your perspective on life. It can change you in ways you never thought it would or possible and it really gives you that international outlook which is invaluable to employers today. Thanks to this international experience I have got to live on three different continents through the network that this course has helped me develop: an Internship in Luxembourg, followed by study abroad in the USA and finally a summer internship in Rwanda has greatly opened my eyes to the contrast in the standard of living in the world. Luck is only the execution of the opportunities you create.

Patrick Hynes-Foy |   Sales Support Specialist at Aerogen

Choosing to do the BComm International Experience year has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions of my young life. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing internship which has led to me securing a full-time position with the company in Chicago. Being able to move to the United States to work with an Irish company from Galway combines the best of both worlds and it will allow me to travel home on business and see my family and friends. Everyone who took part in the international year gained invaluable professional and personal development and not one person would have changed their decision if given a second chance. Read more about Patrick’s Work Placement experience:

What Employers Say


Majella Mungovan |   B Comm, Facebook EMEA Finance Director

...I am a huge advocate of the new four year Commerce degree. At Facebook we have a saying ‘fortune favors the bold’ - be bold. Take the opportunity to experience new cultures or work environments and come back with stories to tell. Our world is changing at an unprecedented speed, to flourish future graduates will need to adapt to an ever more global work environment. Since leaving NUI Galway my career has taken me to Deloitte, Microsoft & Facebook but I look back fondly on those years...

Katie Fox |   B.Comm Global Experience Student (Excelia La Rochelle)

I recently completed my Erasmus experience in La Rochelle, France where my host university, Excelia, welcomed all international students with open arms. The inclusive communal atmosphere I experienced while studying here is unmatched. I would also like to express my gratitude towards the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics. By granting me the opportunity to study in an international environment, I have gained a plethora of knowledge and new skills. This venture has deeply benefited my personal development. It has improved my intercultural competence, enhanced my communication skills, and has enabled me to form strong connections with various nationalities. All of which I consider to be an asset in future jobs and positions. I am delighted to be able to say that I have many happy memories of my Erasmus experience in La Rochelle!

Student Blog

Brian Moloney, Bachelor of Commerce (Global Experience) Student, reflects on his year spent studying abroad at St Edward's University in Austin, Texas, USA.

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