Email signatures

A standard email signature has been created for University staff. Please access the portal at this link to create your signature. 

Please note the following advice: 

  • A single box is used to input your name. This does not have to be bilingual.
  • Your job title and department/unit must be bilingual on the signature. A list of approved translations are available here. If your unit is not listed, please ask your head of unit to request the approved translation from Aistriúchán.  
  • Social media profiles are optional. Please ensure to select the relevant platform from the drop down menu.
  • A URL for a social media profile must be used in the portal, rather than a handle, eg 
  • Phone contact numbers are also optional. 

If you wish to use another icon or logo on your signature, eg Athena Swan, this can be added to your signature once it has been saved in Outlook. These should only be displayed below the approved University signature. 

Please note that no other email signature is approved for use by University staff.