Teaching modules

Ideaslab design and deliver a suite of modules across the University of Galway.  Modules are all focused on human centred design and use all resources and supports available through the programme team and our facilities. 

We offer the following modules

  • LW3122 Law and Innovation 
  • DT6134 Creative Arts IdeasLab 
  • EN6142 Creative Arts IdeasLab 
  • FM3104 Digital Media
  • PS3108 Design Thinking(Undergraduate)
  • DJ6131 Global Media Innovation 
  • GS5111 From Idea to Execution 
Creative Arts

Creative Arts IdeasLab |   Student

This module was an unexpected gem - I really learned a lot. I now know how to approach working on a design thinking project. I enjoyed breaking out of my sector and working with students from different disciplines. I was amazed with the ideas we all came up with.