Grounded - QGIS for Schools

'Grounded: Explore your world' is an introductory course to Geographical Information System (GIS) software (QGIS), designed for secondary school students. The course is aimed at Transition Year students and has been produced to fulfil all the requirements of a Transition UnitThe overall aim of the course is to teach students how to create their own maps.

The course shows students how to implement GIS as a tool to interrogate and manage spatial information,  demonstrating how it can be a strong support to decision-making processes for territorial and environmental plans. There is also a focus on global and local citizenship, using mapping to explore social and environmental issues that are affecting their locality – regarding conservation, sustainability, accessibility and mental health. Throughout the course the students will be reminded to consider the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The course can be self-taught using the student manual or guided and assisted with a teacher using the teacher manual. The course is supported with YouTube tutorials at


Requirements for the Course 

The course requires access to the following: 

  • QGIS software (free download) 
  • Use of the same computer for each class or use of a personal USB 
  • Internet connection 
  • Excel


  1. Appendix A: Goals Sheet
  2. Appendix B: Course Certificate
  3. Appendix C: Certificate Application
  4. Appendix D: Resources
  5. Appendix E: Installing QGIS
  6. Appendix F: Poster Guidelines
  7. Appendix G: Peer Assessment
  8. Appendix H: Student Evaluation
  9. Appendix I: Teacher Evaluation
  10. Student Manual
  11. Teacher Manual
  12. Poster Advertisement


No prior knowledge or experience in QGIS is required to learn or teach this course.