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Our Vision for our Students

We ensure that you are empowered to discover your true potential, direct your own future, and to articulate clearly how your university experience has made you a distinctive and well-rounded global citizen.
Students Services aim to make your time at Shannon College of Hotel Management a rewarding, personal and professional experience. We provide high quality and comprehensive non-academic support and wellbeing services for students.

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2023/2024 Semester 1 College Timeline

Year 3 Orientation : Thursday 31st Aug - Friday 1st September
Year 1 Orientation & Cultural Immersion Programme : Monday 11th - Wednesday 13th September
Foundation Orientation & Cultural Immersion Programme : Monday 11th - Wednesday 13th September
Msc Orientation : Thursday 7th – Friday 8th September
Semester 1 Teaching Begins - Years 3 & 4 : Monday 4th September
Semester 1 Teaching Begins - MSc : Monday 11th September
Semester 1 Teaching Begins - Year 1 and Foundation : Thursday 14th September
Mid-Term Break : Friday 27th and Monday 30th October
Christmas Holidays : Friday 8th December

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Shannon College Mailing List

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Mark Sampson |   Student Ambassador

I chose to come to Shannon College of Hotel Management due to its unrivaled reputation in the business and hospitality industry, but also for the intimate and personal third level experience in comparison to any other university in Ireland
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Katie McDermott |   Student Ambassador

My name is Katie McDermott, and I am a third-year student ambassador in Shannon College. I chose Shannon as I loved the idea of a small close-knit college and that is exactly what I got! Everyone in Shannon is so nice and the students and lecturers are super helpful if you need anything. No one is left to fall between the cracks in Shannon if you need help you get it. My favourite things about Shannon have been the societies, meeting new people, work experience and the travel opportunities. If you do decide to choose Shannon, get as involved as you can because time flies! Shannon opens so many doors and I am excited to see where it takes me, no matter where you go, you're never too far away from a Shannon graduate
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