Victoria Zhang |   Student - BBS ( International Hotel Management)

Shannon provides international students with a new perspective on the world. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and there are many teachers from all over the world who understand how you feel and can lend a hand when you need it. What my four years here have taught me is to relax and take the pressure off of myself. During my years here I started to find confidence and realised that who we want to be is more important than who we need to be.

Guyra Savy |   Year 4 BBS Seychelles

Before coming here, I completed a three-year program at the Seychelles Tourism Academy, where I earned an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management. Additionally, I hold a Diploma in office management and administration. My interest in the hospitality industry was sparked by the diverse opportunities in our tourism sector back home. Continuing my studies at Shannon College not only allows me to forge new connections but also equips me with essential skills that will benefit me in the future.
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Charankanwar Singh |   Year 1 BBS Student New Delhi

Hi my name is Charankanwar Singh and I am from New Delhi. I am currently a first year student in the BBS program. The reason why I chosen Shannon College of Hotel Management is beacause of the small class sizes. This allows a student to have a strong professional and emotional relationship with everyone. Secondly, Shannon trains students to be the best in their own way and this allows every student to reach their full potential by the end of the course.
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Kaiwusaier Alimu |   Year 1 BBS student China

Chinese, the actual spelling is Kawsar Alim. I'm 22 years old and I'm from Urumqi Xinjiang which is an autonomous territory in northwest China. The reason that I chose to come to Ireland is because in comparison to other countries in Europe, English is the first language in Ireland, so it could provide a better environment of English for me to improve my lingual skills efficiently and this will be very helpful for me to develop my career in a global context in the future. I am enjoying studying in Shannon College. I have learnt a lot of professional skills and made many interesting friends. The lecturers also care about every students in the college. Since there are not that many students in the college, it did not take long for everyone to get to know each other. I am looking forward to have more interesting experiences in the school.
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Dat Dang

Dat Dang Nguyen |   Audit Associate at BDO, Ireland

The people in Shannon are fantastic. Everyone is just so friendly in this little town, together with all my friends from Shannon, it just feel like a family here. Altogether, Shannon is just like my second hometown in Ireland. With all those memories, it just reminded me how interesting it truly is to work in such an exciting, fast paced and ever changing industry, and it goes without saying that going to Shannon College of Hotel Management is one of the best decision that I ever made in my life.
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Daniel Czukor |   Finance Voyager, Marriot International, Frankfurt

As an international student it is very exciting but also scary to go to college in a different country. I remember thinking as I was flying to Ireland “oh gosh, what did I get myself into?!” But from the moment I landed, I was surrounded by such hospitality and friendliness, I didn’t even experience any homesickness. You not only receive high-quality education, but you also get a new family, and in my case a new home too.
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Maria Eduarda

Maria Eduarda Pacheco Fogaça |   International Business Foundation Student 2024

"Oi, my name is Maria Eduarda Pacheco Fogaça and my name looks like a whole phrase because I am Brazilian. I am part of the International Foundation programme, an introduction year for International students attending the University of Galway. The purpose of this programme is to give International students a year to study English and other subjects that might be missing in their previous education before proceeding to their UG course, in my case creative writing. I was very excited when I received the news that as a scholarship recipient, I would be included in the International Student Ambassador’s panel because before coming to Ireland I would spend most of my free time looking for testimonials of students coming from a background similar to mine. I see it as an opportunity to share my story and perhaps encourage someone to board into this journey aswell. Se você tá com medo, vai com medo mesmo!"
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