EM Cup Winners

Grace, Charlotte, Darragh, Alex and Zoe pictured with Winning Cup
Feb 05 2023 Posted: 15:30 GMT

A huge achievement for this years @shannons_roots_emcup2023 team who took home first prize in the 15th edition of the @emcup.eu competition in Maastricht 

You represented Shannon College of Hotel Management and yourselves so well. You should all be exceptionally proud of yourselves and all the hours and hard work you have each dedicated to this competition over the last few months.

A special mention to your mentor Ms. Celine Ryan who guided you and advised you throughout this entire competition

Each year our 3rd year students enter a group into the Em Cup competition. They work closely with their mentor in organising pitches.
The competition is an opportunity to network, show your skills, meet new people, and open your eyes to the world of opportunity awaiting within the hospitality and business sectors!

 The students compete against the top hospitality schools around Europe.