Professional Operative Work Placement

The Year 2 work placement is a 12 month professional work placement in leading Irish and European hotels to reinforce the training in Year 1 and improve knowledge of industry practice and systems.

How long is the placement?

12 months (July – June)

What will I do on placement?

The mandatory placement is a professional operative placement, which reinforces the practical training and language studies of Year 1. Students gain experience in at least two departments and will be working at operative level. The work experience improves students’ knowledge of industry practice and systems. Students are paid by the hotel and wages can vary from country to country.

Where will I be placed?

Irish/EU Students: 
Shannon College’s placement partner hotels for Irish and EU students are located in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain and the UK. A student’s foreign language option and visa requirements determine the placement country. Students benefit both professionally and personally from working and living in another European country.

International Students:
International students (non-EU students) will be placed in one of our partner hotels in Ireland. For international students, the Year 2 Placement is an exciting experience as it allows them to live and work in a different destination in Ireland to where they studied in Shannon in Year 1.

How will I be placed?

The Shannon College Placement Office organises the work placements on behalf of students. Most hotels require an interview and students are prepared for hotel interviews through the Skills for Work Life module in Year 1. Language skills and performance in Year 1 are considered by hotels and Shannon College in finalising placements. Placement locations are announced after Year 1 examinations in May.


Daniel Czukor |   Finance Voyager, Marriot International, Frankfurt

Being someone who never worked in Hospitality before Shannon, I was glad that we started from the very basics to prepare us for second year. I spent my second year placement at The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg in Germany. Aside from the obvious language improvement, I could put to practice all the knowledge I had gained in first year. To this day, when I am asked in an interview about my experience, just saying the words “The Ritz-Carlton” always earns me some good points.
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