Exploring Careers Information

How can I start looking for details about a career area that interests me?

When looking for information about a career (the ‘how do I get to be a…’/ tips for getting ahead of the game in… type query) then it’s worth seeing if it’s a regulated profession or has a society / association / institute for membership – e.g., searching ‘radiography society Ireland careers’.

Society / association / institute websites generally have pages on

  • ‘becoming a..’ or ‘careers’ page
  • list of accredited qualifications or training needed with links to providers 
  • job vacancy ads
  • membership lists (useful for speculative applications)
  • how to register with them – this is useful if you qualified in Ireland and now want to know if you can work in, for example, Australia (in this case you would search ‘radiography society Australia’).  Similarly, you may be thinking of doing a course abroad and want to know if it will be accepted in Ireland afterwards.

There are also many general career sites that outline career paths such as gradireland and Careers Portal

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