Course Overview

The MSc Marketing Practice is a unique action-based learning programme, which has successfully helped newly qualified graduates kick start their career in Marketing for over forty years.

This award-winning programme involves a 37-week paid professional Marketing work placement, six taught modules, an applied project, along with on-site visits to companies recognised as world leaders in the practice of Marketing. In the work placement, students can seek to focus on a specific area of marketing such as digital marketing, brand management, marketing analytics and inside sales, or can seek a general marketing role in a company.

This is made possible by the broad range of companies who apply to take students from this programme every year, from tech start-ups to multi-nationals, across every conceivable sector, located all around the country.  The Marketing Discipline at University of Galway collaborates with Irish-based companies to define challenging job specifications for students on the programme. 

Time spent on the University of Galway campus includes an initial three-week ‘Marketing Immersion’ along with three subsequent workshops. Taught modules are designed to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills they need to excel in a Marketing role in an organisation today. The modules are delivered through blended learning, both on campus and online. Ongoing assignments ensure continuous learning and are designed to help students apply critical thinking, innovation and creativity in bringing value to their host companies. 

To learn more about this amazing programme, click the link below to hear from our current students and graduates!


J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics is committed to attracting high calibre students from around the world. We are offering Merit Scholarships across all of our Taught Master's programmes. To be eligible candidates must have achieved a H1 (or international equivalent) in their primary degree and scholarships are offered on a competitive basis. All candidates who meet these criteria and have accepted a place on the programme are automatically considered for a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded up to 50% of the programme tuition fees. Click here to learn more. 



Applications and Selections

Applications are made online via the University of Galway Postgraduate Applications System

As part of your application you must provide a two-page Curriculum Vitae. It is strongly recommended that you follow the Personal Statement and CV Guidelines available here: MSc (Marketing Practice) Personal Statement & CV Guidelines

Who Teaches this Course

Requirements and Assessment

Students avail of 100% continuous assessment as part of the MSc Marketing Practice.

A range of assessment methods are integrated and applied throughout the programme. These include report writing, group projects, presentations, and multiple workshops throughout the academic year. Students also work on an Applied Marketing Project from the beginning of their placement.

Key Facts

Entry Requirements

MSc (Marketing Practice) Personal Statement & CV Guidelines

Normally a high H2.2 degree (NFQ Level 8 or equivalent) with a specialisation in Marketing. A requirement of accepting an offer of a place on this programme is that graduates are willing to be placed in a host company anywhere in the country. The programme is only available to EU students due to visa requirements.

Additional Requirements

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


1 year, full-time

Next start date

September 2024

A Level Grades ()

Average intake


QQI/FET FETAC Entry Routes

Closing Date

Extended from original closing date: now accepting applications on rolling basis.

NFQ level

Mode of study

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Course code


Course Outline

The programme runs from September to July. Graduates complete a three week immersion programme prior to starting a 37-week paid work placement with their host company. Students on this programme are paid €550 gross per week (€570 in Dublin) by their host company for the duration of their placement with their company.

During their placement typical tasks undertaken by the students include:

  • Digital marketing management and implementation;
  • Market research;
  • Event management, particularly trade show planning and participation;
  • Development of promotional material and advertising campaigns;
  • Online marketing, including website maintenance, search engine optimisation and social media management;
  • Database management and direct mail campaigns;
  • Strategic marketing planning, including market segmentation.

Ultimately, the precise nature of marketing activities undertaken will be determined by the nature of the host organisation and the industry context.

During placement students return to campus to complete taught modules:

Curriculum Information

Curriculum information relates to the current academic year (in most cases).
Course and module offerings and details may be subject to change.

Glossary of Terms

You must earn a defined number of credits (aka ECTS) to complete each year of your course. You do this by taking all of its required modules as well as the correct number of optional modules to obtain that year's total number of credits.
An examinable portion of a subject or course, for which you attend lectures and/or tutorials and carry out assignments. E.g. Algebra and Calculus could be modules within the subject Mathematics. Each module has a unique module code eg. MA140.
A module you may choose to study.
A module that you must study if you choose this course (or subject).
Most courses have 2 semesters (aka terms) per year.

Year 1 (90 Credits)

Required MK5145: Applied Marketing Project

12 months long | Credits: 15

The objective of this project is to challenge students to learn how to become experts on a nominated topic which reflects an emerging trend in the practice of Marketing. This is achieved by challenging students to increase their knowledge and develop applied skills in a nominated topic. They then use this knowledge and skills to develop and deliver a strategy that will bring value to an assigned company and/or company of their choice. The Applied Marketing Project will be a comprehensive assignment which aims to allow students to apply theories, models and tools studied during their MSc programme to real-life marketing challenges.
(Language of instruction: English)

Learning Outcomes
  1. Develop an appropriate research approach which demonstrates an ability to keep up to date with the practice of marketing in a digital world by gaining an in-depth understanding of a nominated topic using both academic and industry literature.
  2. Critically evaluate the implications of the nominated topic, from strategic and implementation perspectives, as it relates to the practice of Marketing in a student’s host company in the short and/or medium and/or long term.
  3. Apply effective decision making to the ethical and socially responsible practice of marketing, for the public good.
  4. Communicate findings, their implications and innovative marketing ideas in an appropriate, professional and succinct manner, both orally and in writing, pitched at a student’s host company.
  • Continuous Assessment (100%)
The above information outlines module MK5145: "Applied Marketing Project" and is valid from 2023 onwards.
Note: Module offerings and details may be subject to change.

Required MK5122: Inbound Marketing Strategy

Semester 1 | Credits: 5

Inbound marketing is used by both global and small businesses alike. Inbound marketing is a means of engaging a target audience, driving quality lead growth and ultimately improving profitability. Central to inbound marketing are three primary actions (Attract, Convert and Delight) which businesses must take in order to get more website visitors, leads, customers, and promoters. Included in this methodology are the tactics, tools and technology which companies typically use to accomplish these goals.
(Language of instruction: English)

Learning Outcomes
  1. Understand the flywheel methodology and how it helps businesses attract, convert and delight customers.
  2. Understand the importance of buyer personas in relation to a company’s marketing and segmentation efforts, and how to leverage them as part of an inbound marketing strategy.
  3. Learn how to naturally attract inbound traffic and how to convert, close, and delight prospects and customers over time.
  4. Be able to develop and measure an inbound marketing strategy to grow leads and sales through the integration of marketing and sales, technology and automation.
  • Continuous Assessment (100%)
Reading List
  1. "Inbound Marketing, Revised and Updated: Attract, Engage and Delight Customers Online" by Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah.
    Publisher: Wiley
The above information outlines module MK5122: "Inbound Marketing Strategy" and is valid from 2022 onwards.
Note: Module offerings and details may be subject to change.

Required MK5150: Website Strategy & Management

Semester 1 | Credits: 5

Having empathy with customers and creating customer experiences which delight are key competitive differentiators. A website for most businesses is their most important marketing platform and sales channel. This module covers both website strategy development based on design thinking principles and discovery research, and tactical quick wins for optimising the website experience based on customer empathy. Students will learn best practices and principles of problem solving, collaboration, usability, feasibility and project management for delivering a brand-enhancing intuitive website.
(Language of instruction: English)

Learning Outcomes
  1. Learn how Design Thinking principles and Discovery Research can be used in the development of website strategy.
  2. Understand the Business Case Development Framework and how it can be used to assess the feasibility of a new website, or website feature.
  3. Learn about the technology and components required for a functioning website.
  4. Develop a customer journey map which identifies pain points and opportunities for enhancing customer experience.
  5. 2. Conduct usability testing and discovery research for a website project.
  6. Be able to lead and write out a website project plan and converse with technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Continuous Assessment (100%)
The above information outlines module MK5150: "Website Strategy & Management" and is valid from 2022 onwards.
Note: Module offerings and details may be subject to change.

Required MK5149: Marketing Practice for Sustainable Value

Semester 1 | Credits: 5

This module prepares students to start professional placements and careers as potential future generators of sustainable value for business and society at large. Delivered during the first week of the academic year, the intensive sprint nature of this module is designed to help students get up to speed on key professional skills they will develop throughout the year. Students will come to appreciate why these skills are so important for them and why they are so highly valued by employers. This will be achieved through sharing of highly focused and relevant content combined with interactive activities and reflective practice to enhance and embed understanding.
(Language of instruction: English)

Learning Outcomes
  1. An understanding of the scope of marketing practice.
  2. An appreciation for Marketing’s role in achieving sustainable value.
  3. The fundamentals of key professional skills valued by employers.
  • Continuous Assessment (100%)
The above information outlines module MK5149: "Marketing Practice for Sustainable Value" and is valid from 2022 onwards.
Note: Module offerings and details may be subject to change.

Required MK586: Marketing Placement

12 months long | Credits: 45

There is strong evidence to suggest that placements and work experience are extremely valuable to students, both in terms of their academic performance in their chose profession and enhancing their employability. In the MSc Marketing Practice we recognise that every student is different. So getting the ‘fit’ right between the student and the host company for placements is a priority for us. This is made possible by the broad range of companies who apply to take students from this programme every year, from tech start-ups to multi-nationals, across every conceivable sector. Students have the opportunity to seek a general marketing role in a company or a placement where they can focus on the area of marketing of their choice including digital marketing, brand management, marketing analytics, and inside sales, As placements are paid, employers regard students on this programme as real employees and expect them to bring value. So you are guaranteed to be challenged and supported simultaneously as you gain practical marketing experience. From the start we encourage students to look within in order to acknowledge who they truly are, what they like to do, what makes them happy, what they are really good at, what they would like to be really good at and to acknowledge their values, desires and ambitions. And then we actively help students to seek and secure a position in a company where they will thrive and grow, both personally and as a Marketing Professional, over a 37 week paid professional placement.
(Language of instruction: English)

Learning Outcomes
  1. Learn to network, collaborate, persuade and negotiate with colleagues and bosses in the workplace, applying effective problem-solving and decision-making skills to the practice of marketing in a global context.
  2. Learn how to excel in the workplace through ongoing reflection (daily/weekly activity logs) and analysis of your own performance (Mid-Placement Review).
  3. Embrace lifelong learning, taking responsibility for the ongoing development of your own knowledge and technical skills (Tech Stack).
  4. Progressively develop your own unique Professional Skills Profile, demonstrating essential Graduate Attributes.
  5. Grow in confidence and competence, while building resilience as you navigate the challenges and opportunities the workplace presents.
  6. Cultivate Emotional Intelligence through developing a greater understanding of yourself and where you best fit and thrive in the workplace as a Marketing Professional.
  7. Learn how to package, and provide evidence of, your experience and achievements; to create a CV that makes you stand out from the crowd; and how to engage successfully in job-search and recruitment processes.
  • Continuous Assessment (100%)
The above information outlines module MK586: "Marketing Placement" and is valid from 2020 onwards.
Note: Module offerings and details may be subject to change.

Required MK5152: Research Insights for Marketing Decision Making

Semester 2 | Credits: 5

Organisations operate in a dynamic marketplace - competition, consumers and customers, technology, media and market forces redefine industries every day. This module introduces students to the role insight driven decision-making can play in ensuring organisations continue to add value and compete effectively. This interactive and problem-based module will equip students with knowledge of how and when to implement a systematic research process whilst developing skills in critical thinking, robust methodological design and data analysis. On completion of this module students will have developed the ability to align organisational decision making challenges with a robust problem focused research agenda.
(Language of instruction: English)

Learning Outcomes
  1. Understand the role of research driven insights in marketing strategy development.
  2. Distinguish between primary and secondary research and their role in marketing strategy formation and decision making.
  3. Critically analyse secondary sources of data to support decision making and problem solving.
  4. Develop SMART primary and secondary research objectives to support rigorous inquiry.
  5. Design and implement qualitative research methods such as focus groups and in-depth interviews.
  6. Design and implement quantitative research methods such as surveys.
  7. Solve marketing problems and build marketing strategies using qualitative and quantitative analytical insights.
  • Continuous Assessment (100%)
The above information outlines module MK5152: "Research Insights for Marketing Decision Making" and is valid from 2022 onwards.
Note: Module offerings and details may be subject to change.

Required MK5144: Digital Metrics & Analytics

Semester 2 | Credits: 5

Digital Marketers need to be able to look at more than just impressions and clicks to drive better decisions and return on investment. Digital Marketers need to know what happens after a person clicks on an ad and understand what, if any, value that provides to a business. This module focuses on the digital metrics, KPIs and analytics used to measure and track the performance of marketing campaigns. The more insight that can be gained from metrics and analytics, alongside the generation and automation of reports to track trends in behaviour and sales, the more informed the decisions a company can make when allocating where, when and how much, or little, to invest in digital marketing spend.
(Language of instruction: English)

Learning Outcomes
  1. Illustrate how data and digital marketing analytics have evolved to impact business organization, the marketing function, consumer/brand relationships and digital marketing.
  2. Understand the types of data and how it is used.
  3. Understand the process and recognize the advantages and pitfalls when deploying the elements of the Marketing Analytics Process (MAP).
  4. Be familiar with most common digital marketing metrics and data analysis instruments.
  5. Apply the Marketing Analytics Process (MAP) for digital marketing analytics.
  6. Understand and analyse data from digital marketing channels including paid, earned, and owned media.
  7. Report and present analysed digital marketing data according to best practices.
  • Continuous Assessment (100%)
The above information outlines module MK5144: "Digital Metrics & Analytics" and is valid from 2022 onwards.
Note: Module offerings and details may be subject to change.

Required MK5151: Digital Sales & Marketing Alignment

Semester 2 | Credits: 5

The aim of the “Digital Sales & Marketing Alignment” module is to enable students to understand the business impact Sales and Marketing can have when they work together, both on customer behaviour and on the efficacy/ROI of Sales and Marketing Departments. This module examines the fundamentals of how Sales and Marketing together drive the bottom line in a business which starts with ‘nailing your niche’ customer, then introducing strategies to acquire, retain and grow your customer base. The module will not only look at where Sales and Marketing fit into the customer journey but the entire customer journey itself, as well as how a company creates the best environment to ensure customers and employees thrive. The “Digital Sales & Marketing Alignment” module will provide practical advice, from real world examples, which sales and marketing professionals need to harness technology for better results whilst contributing to a positive company culture.
(Language of instruction: English)

Learning Outcomes
  1. Explain the “Unit Economics” of a business and the levers a company can use to impact on these.
  2. Understand the importance of focus in business and ‘nailing a niche’.
  3. Understand the business impact and importance of Sales & Marketing working together.
  4. Understand how the traditional Sales Organisation structure is undergoing a significant revolution.
  5. Explain the stages of Sales & Marketing funnels and how to manage pipelines to achieve results.
  6. Recognise the importance of reviewing the customer experience and evaluate the role of a developed customer strategy.
  7. Identify the key role and impact a Leader can have on the success of a commercial organisation.
  • Continuous Assessment (100%)
The above information outlines module MK5151: "Digital Sales & Marketing Alignment" and is valid from 2022 onwards.
Note: Module offerings and details may be subject to change.

Why Choose This Course?

Career Opportunities

Graduates are highly sought after given the strong reputation of this programme. Graduates build successful marketing careers regionally, nationally and globally in organisations across all sectors imaginable. Recruiting graduates of the programme are Google, Hubspot, SAP, IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo, L’Oreal, Glanbia, Tesco, IKEA, AIB, Glaxo Smith Kline, Wayfair, Pathfinder, Smyths Toys and Bord Bia. Many less-well-known but equally dynamic and progressive organisations of all sizes also recruit graduates! Many start in graduate positions and quickly progress  within these organisations. 

Variety of Host Companies

The Marketing Discipline at University of Galway collaborates with Irish based companies to define job specifications for students on the programme. Companies of all sizes apply to become host companies on this programme, from tech start-ups to multinationals across every imaginable sector.

 Marketing Practice Employability Graph


The module coordinator and Programme Director provide ongoing mentoring and support to graduates throughout their placement. In-company visits are carried out to review and facilitate graduates’ progress and performance.

Marketing Skills Training

As well as the three week induction programme, graduates return to campus for workshops. The taught modules are Marketing Practice for Sustainable Value, Website Strategy and Management, Marketing Placement, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Research Insights for Marketing Decision Makers, Digital Metrics and Analytics and Digital Sales & Marketing Alignment.

Graduates also complete an Applied Marketing Project on behalf of their host company.

Paid Professional Placement

Students on this programme are paid €550 gross (€570) per week by their host company for the duration of their placement with their company.



Who’s Suited to This Course

Learning Outcomes

Transferable Skills Employers Value

Work Placement

Study Abroad

Related Student Organisations

Course Fees

Fees: EU

€11,140 p.a. (including levy) 2024/25

Fees: Tuition

€11,000 p.a. 2024/25

Fees: Student levy

€140 p.a. 2024/25

Fees: Non EU


Paid Professional Placement:

Please note, students on this programme are paid €550 gross per week by their host company for the duration of their placement with their company.

What Our Graduates Say


Katie Kindregan |   Hospitality - Sales Administrator at Lydon House

I decided to pursue the MSc Marketing Practice because I was eager to jumpstart my career in marketing. The practical component of the course was particularly appealing as it helped bring to life the learnings from both my undergraduate degree and the Masters. There are so many things I loved about the program, but what stood out to me the most was the combination of theory and practical elements. Being able to apply what I learned in college during my placement was incredibly valuable, and it provided me with a holistic view of marketing operations within an organization. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is eager to begin a career in Marketing.

Angelica Wilcox |   GSK Brand Executive

The programme has great modules that relate to your placement, so the work that you would do in your assignments can be applied to your placement as well. I have been working with GSK in Dublin since the end of August 2022 and I have gathered and developed so many skills and experiences that would be applicable in any marketing role. These include brand management, campaign development, sales tracking for informed decision-making, presenting to senior management, strategy development, cross-functional work with teams on both a local and global level and sales and marketing alignment. Overall, this Master’s has really helped me to refine my marketing skills, increased my confidence in a professional setting and ultimately given me marketing experience that I now can leverage in future interviews. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is looking to gain industry experience, whilst also wanting to expand their knowledge in the marketing landscape.

Aoife Clarke |   Enterprise Account Executive, Coupa Software

I returned to University of Galway to complete the MSc (Marketing Practice) primarily due to the opportunity to put theory into practice in a working environment with the support of experienced lecturers. Despite the move to online learning, the experience has been invaluable and I couldn't have achieved all that I have elsewhere. Within 8 months I've been involved in a product launch and global market expansion while developing skills in content marketing and creative development, social media and influencer management, market research, and data analytics. Working on a small global team has allowed me to progress at a quick pace while assuming great responsibility. I now manage the social media and influencer activities of two global brands, overseeing end-to-end processes that deliver quantifiable ROI for the organisation. Each lecture, workshop and assignment has added notable value and allowed me to become a contributing member of the business. I feel far more confident in my marketing abilities and couldn't recommend the MSc enough!

Paul Regan |   Recruitment Consultant, TradeConnex PTY LTD

The MSc (Marketing Practice) has really lived up to my expectations. Working as a marketing intern at Supermac's, I'm getting to apply what I'm learning in college, as I learn it. The course is a great opportunity to make great friendships with people who are developing similar career paths as you are, which could prove very beneficial down the road. I feel like I've learned more this year than I've learned in any year of college. I put this down to the way in which the course is structured, the different topics that are covered and the practical side of the course where we get to put it all into practice.

Aaron Fahy |   Senior Marketing Executive at Revive Active

I found the MSc Marketing Practice the perfect opportunity to bridge the gap between your undergrad studies and the professional marketing world. As part of my role as Marketing Executive in Revive Active, I gained valuable experience in brand management while also bringing marketing campaigns to fruition. I liked that the assignments are very practical based, like for example how to run a Google Ads campaigns and pitching a digital marketing campaign for a real-life company. This course is definitely the ideal launchpad into your marketing career.

Cathal Chambers |   Digital Marketing Specialist, Beyond AUM

If you told me doing a masters during a global pandemic would have been this enjoyable in March 2020, I would have laughed at you. Now over a year on, it's safe to say I made the right choice. The MSc. Marketing Practice course was both interactive and gratifying. Having to work and learn remotely was a challenge, but our lecturers made it simple. Throughout the year I grew my skillset, with content marketing, paid advertising and measuring campaign performance. To anyone considering doing this masters, I can't recommend it enough. You will learn and grow in your job and make strong connections for life.

Emma Roche |   Senior Consultant, Digital Transformation & Martech,Deloitte

I absolutely loved my work placement as the experience that gained was incredible. It was a massive selling point for me in interviews after my placement, allowing me to apply my learnings in a real work environment. I had a huge amount of responsibility and designed and implemented a number of different campaigns for new product launches and co-promotions e.g. The Irish Pride Bunsters & Calor BBQ Summer Promotion. I also enjoyed the workshops organised in Galway. They are always extremely interesting and beneficial to both myself and the company. One of my favourite aspects of the programme was the assignments we undertook. These are all designed to further enable us to add value to our organisations.

Darragh Broderick |   Digital Marketing Executive SEM Specialist at Spectrum.Life

I chose the MSc (Marketing Practice) to fulfil my ambition of becoming an accomplished marketing professional. This course promised practical learning far superior to that of a classroom and it has absolutely delivered. I have developed relevant and differentiating marketing skills and acquired experiences which I am confident will serve me throughout my career.

Ryan Ludden |   Associate Vice President at Sprintax

I chose the MSc (Marketing Practice) as I wanted to physically apply the learnings from my Bachelor of Commerce (Global) Degree to my working career and the course provided the perfect platform to do just that! I got the exciting opportunity to work within a tech start up environment where I helped to bring the Marketing and Sales knowledge I had learned to the forefront of the business, helping it to turn what was only a concept at the start of my placement into a viable product and business today. The level of satisfaction in being able to achieve such a feat is incredibly rewarding and has provided me with skills that can be applied within any company I work for in the future. The MSc (Marketing Practice) provided me with the perfect stage to showcase what I could bring to the table for a company and the students within the course allowed for an incredibly collaborative environment that helped one another succeed and learn from each other to further develop our marketing skills.

Jane Cullen |   Digital Marketing Executive at Fexco

The MSc (Marketing Practice) in NUI Galway contained all of the necessary elements to develop myself as a marketing professional. My favourite part of the programme was the placement. Throughout the year, I created and managed several projects for my host company. This experience allowed me to put theory into practice and coupled with lecturer feedback, provided the richest and most rewarding learning opportunities of the course. I would recommend it to anyone who really wants to drive their career in the right direction.

Jennifer O' Leary |   Sales and Marketing Manager for NYC fastest growing start-up

I was absolutely thrilled when I was accepted onto the MSc (Marketing Practice) programme. I can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding and challenging years of my life. This master is exactly what I wanted when finishing my undergrad – hands on experience, challenging and to learn as much as possible. I really enjoyed doing each assignment because you learn so much which each one. There is also a fantastic support system in NUIG. One of my highlights of the year was that I got the opportunity to interview many marketing professionals during my research and project manage events of over 100 people. Your assignments come to life in this masters, and there is no better feeling watching your work being implemented in the work place!! I feel this course has given me the best start on my marketing career and I am so thankful I was accepted!

Michaela Browne |   Growth Marketing Manager at ADvendio

I was placed in Burke Insurances, an insurance brokerage in Galway. My placement was a little different to others in that I worked for Burke Insurances Monday to Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday I worked for a group of 18 brokerages based all across Ireland part of the Source Broker Network. At first, this sounded a little daunting to me, that I would be essentially working for two different companies; however, looking back now I couldn’t imagine my placement any other way. I have learned so many new skills, I have developed old skills, I have practiced marketing and I have learned a lot about myself. Upon completion of this programme, I feel confident that I have developed the right skills I need in order to go out into the working world. I feel that I can bring what I learned from my placement into any company which I move to next. Read Michaela’s blog about the programme at:

Niamh Hunt |   Digital Marketing Manager at Revive Active

The MSc (Marketing Practice) has been the best way to jump-start my career in Marketing! The practical, hands-on learning aspect of the course helped develop many marketing skills which will differentiate us throughout our career. Completing the 37-week placement was an exciting, learning and challenging experience which provided many opportunities. Throughout my year, I managed, coordinated and attended numerous events abroad for my host company. This year allowed me to put all my learning from my undergrad into practice and develop many vital marketing skills. The group of lecturers, leaders and contributors to this course have a wealth of knowledge to share with the class. I would highly recommend this fun, practical, interactive masters programme to anyone pursuing a career in Marketing!

Jessica Daly |   PPC Executive at Entain | Performance Marketing

The MSc (Marketing Practice) is an invaluable course for anyone who wants to begin a career in Marketing. As the duration of the masters takes place in our host companies, it is excellent way to gain practical experience. I was fortunate to learn from extremely skilled colleagues in areas such as Search Engine Marketing, something I would have never been able to do in a classroom. The Masters was an exciting, rewarding and challenging hands on experience which built on my marketing skills as well as broadening and diversifying my knowledge and skillset. The benefits of the MSc (Marketing Practice) are endless, and have prepared me to move further towards an exciting marketing career.

Emily Langan |   Marketing Executive at ESPC

I chose this programme because it seemed like the perfect bridge between graduating from undergrad and entering the professional working world. I knew I had a passion for marketing and this course felt like it would satisfy my wants and needs for my future career. Firstly, I wanted to further my education and get deeper into the subject through taught modules. Secondly, I needed to get that practical experience of applying what I learned to the job which was available through the placement. Transitioning from undergrad to the big working world can be overwhelming! The programme helped me through this process, and at the right pace. It provided me with that highly sought after practical experience, but it also developed me personally in terms of confidence. I enjoyed the equal balance of practical work and deeper understanding of Marketing, the small class size which promotes engagement and the opportunity to build connections both professionally and personally. The support from the programme director and lecturers is genuine and easily accessible. Through constructive criticism, they pushed me to reach higher and I exceeded my expectations of myself as a marketer as a result.  

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