The Centre for Creative Technologies is located in the O’Donoghue Centre for Drama & Theatre at University of Galway.

AI generated visions for what a Centre for Creative Technologies looks like

Image: AI generated visions of what a Centre for Creative Technologies looks like (Credit: DALLE-2/David Kelly)


We have created a number of micro-labs, each of which enables experimentation and exploration using a specific set of emerging technologies within creative practice. Equipment can, of course, be combined in any way that makes sense for the experience you wish to create.

Immersive Experiences Lab

The Immersive Experiences Lab provides a range of hardware and software suitable for designing, prototyping and testing virtual and augmented reality experiences. This includes: 

  • High-end PC for real-time rendering (spec to follow)
  • Alienware gaming laptop (spec to follow)
    • Installed Software: (spec to follow)
  • Virtual Reality Production
    • 1 x Quest 3 VR Headset
    • 3 x Quest 2 VR Headsets
    • 1 x Quest Pro Headset
    • 1 x Vive Pro 2 (# of sensors TBC)
    • 1 x Valve Index
    • 1 x Pico VR Headset
  • Augmented- & Mixed- Reality Production
    • 1 x HoloLens (Industry Edition)
    • 1 x Magic Leap
  • Insta 360 camera


Digital Human & Live Performance Lab

The Digital Human & Live Performance Lab aims to provide hardware suitable for exploring creative applications of technology applied to the body. 


Virtual Production Lab

Our Virtual Production Lab will give you access to equipment to explore workflows and experiment with the creative application of VP film-making. Equipment includes: 

  • Green-screen (spec, width x height TBC)
  • Lights (spec to follow)
  • Perception Neuron Motion Capture suit
  • Two high-end PCs for real-time rendering (spec to follow)
    • Installed Software: (to follow)