PhD Research 

PhD researchers work within the Centre for Creative Technologies to investigate emerging trends in the overlap between creativity and technology, both in professional practice and academic research. PhD scholars within the Centre pursue research towards a PhD in Creative Technologies whilst participating in workshops and doctoral training designed to enhance the participant’s research capacity in the field. Proposals are particularly welcome for projects that combine critical enquiry or social science methods with technological and artistic practice to pursue original research questions in this field. 

The Centre welcomes proposals in any areas of PhD research, especially (but not exclusively) in the areas outlined below:  

  • Virtual/augmented reality and live performance  
  • Creative arts, technology, and health/well-being  
  • Creative arts, technology, and social inclusion  
  • Extended reality and placemaking 
  • Using creative arts and technology in primary and/or post-primary education.  
  • Technology and the production/performance/reception of music 
  • Sustainability and technology in the creative industries, including virtual production processes 
  • Augmented creativity and writing 
  • The philosophy of technology and creativity 
  • Affect and immersive art 
  • The ethics of AI art 

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