Undergraduate Modules

Some students are required to study human anatomy. You must take certain prescribed anatomy modules if your degree course is in medicine, nursing, health sciences, biomedical engineering, medical physics and health and safety systems. Anatomy modules are usually taken in the early years of these programmes. The modules you will take are chosen for you and are the foundation for much of your future studies.

Other students, principally undenominated science and biomedical science students may choose to take some or all of the many anatomy modules on offer, up to and including completion of an honours degree pathway in anatomy. This pathway is open to all students admitted to the biomedical science degree. For undenominated science students wishing to pursue the anatomy degree pathway a quota applies. The quota varies from year to year. Admission is based on your first year science results.

Even if you are not following the anatomy honours degree pathway you will still be able to take certain anatomy modules and no quota applies for these modules. The College of Science holds advisory sessions every year at which you can meet anatomy staff and discuss which anatomy modules best suit your interests and career plans. We look forward to meeting you then.

Postgraduate Modules

Postgraduate students pursuing M.Sc. degrees in Biomedical Science, Regenerative Medicine, Neuropharmocology and Medical Physics are all required to take particular anatomy modules. Additional modules (including some undergraduate modules)are available to taught M.Sc. and structured Ph.D students as an option. Please contact your programme director or anatomy for details on modules available to you.