Research Facilities

Gross Anatomy

Anatomy is equipped with a modern Gross Anatomy Laboratory for human morphology teaching and research.


Molecular Biology

A range of equipment enables standard molecular biology investigations such as PCR, gel electrophoresis and SDS-PAGE.


Cell Culture

Anatomy houses two suites which are fully equipped for routine tissue culture.


Tissue processing

Anatomy has facilities for the routine and specialised processing of biological samples as both paraffin embedded and frozen samples.  Details of microscopes and image capture available can be found here.  Expertise is available in stereology and other applicable image analysis techniques.



The Electron Microscopy Facility is fully equipped for routine and specialised processing and imaging of biological and non-biological samples.  Both the transmission and scanning electron microscope are equipped with digital image capturing devices.  The SEM is capable of secondary and backscattered electron imaging at high or environmental pressure ranges, making it suitable for a wide range of specimens.  Experienced support is available in all aspects of EM including electron micrograph interpretation.  For further information on other microscopes within Anatomy, please visit The Center for Microscopic Imaging


In Vivo Imaging

Neuroimaging is carried out in the Clinical Neuroimaging Laboratory (link to and the Center for Neuroimaging Cognition and Genomics.