‌‌‌Year 1 Orientatio‌‌‌‌‌n Schedule 

Year 1 Orientation Schedule 2021

College  App

The College App contains information and Services, Student Events, Students Resources and much more.

Please download it from iOS here and Android here and register with your college email address.

Student Email ‌

Use the link below to access your NUIG College email: Student mail

Please contact ISS Servicedesk for any technical issues. 

IT Services

College Computer Network

All registered students are issued with login details to access the college network both on campus and remotely.

The Computer Room has 24 PCs, the Library has 5 PCs and there are 7 PCs in public areas.


There are 2 WiFi networks available in the Main College Building and the F&B Building – NUIGWiFi and eduroam. Both require your college username and password for access.
eduroam(Educational Roaming) facilitates roaming educational users obtaining wireless internet access with their laptops at other member sites by authenticating with the user credentials they normally use at their home location. See www.eduroam.ie for more information on member sites.

Printing Facilities

Print/Scan/Copy facilities are available on 2 Multi-Function Printers (MFP) in the atrium and outside the computer room and the MFP in the library. You can top-up your print credit >> online.

Printing Costs:
- 0.08c per Black & White A4 single side page
- 0.20c per Colour A4 single side page
For duplex discount as well as scanning and copying costs – please see >>website

Please contact NUI Galway ISS Service Desk for any technical issues with IT services.

Timetables and Academic Calendar

College Academic Calendars

Academic Calendar Year 1 - Sept 21

Academic Calendar Year 3&4 Sept 21

Academic Calendar MSc Sept 21

Class Timetables

Year 1 Timetable Sept 21

Year 3 Timetable - Sept 21

Year 4 Timetable - Sept 21

MSc Timetable - Sept 21

Assignment Template‌‌‌

Individual Assignment Submission Form

Group Assignment Submission Form

College Letters

Irish/EU students on campus in Year 1, 3 and 4 - please contact April Rushe

International students on campus in Year 1,3 and 4 – please contact Joan Markham

Visa information for international students on campus – please contact Joan Markham and see GNIB website for further information

All students on placement – Please contact Paula Shiels

Code of Discipline

NUI Galway Code of Conduct

Regulations for Students in Relation to Professional Practice and Conduct

Regulations for Students – Rules for student in residence


  • Shannon College Undergrad Prospectus

    Shannon College Undergrad Prospectus PDF (4 MB)

  • Shannon College Postgrad Courses

    Shannon College Postgrad Courses PDF (1.7 MB )

  • Shannon College Foundation Programme

    Shannon College Foundation Programme PDF (4.7 MB )

  • Study Abroad at Shannon College

    Study Abroad at Shannon College PDF (6 MB)