Accommodation at Shannon College

Accommodation for Year 1 student is located in Castle Gardens at Bunratty Village. Each student house has three bedrooms which consist of two ensuite rooms and one single room with an adajacent bathroom. The acccommodation is fully equipped with all the necessary domestic applicances. Due to increase demand for places in recent years, it may happen that private, single rooms are not available to all. In some circumstances students will be allocated shared accommodation at a reduced cost. This allocation will be made through random selection.

The accommodation at Castle Gardens is managed by Rent and Irish Cottage MGMT Ltd. This is a private company that manages all aspects of the accommodation.

Bunratty Village is located approximately 8 km from Shannon College and the College organises a bus to transfer students to class each morning.

For more information regarding year 1 accommodation, speak with our Acommodations Officer, Imelda O'Connell.  

For more information regarding year 3 & 4 accommodation, speak with our Student Services Officer, April Rushe.

The Shannon College of Hotel Management and University of Galway Accommodation Office are providing assistance to their Year 3 and Year 4 students in their search for appropriate accommodation in houses, apartments or flats around the Shannon area and environs from September to May. If you have a room in a single property or owner occupied accommodation, please upload the details at the below link or contact the Student Services office on 086 014 2910.


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