Global Scaling – How to Scale a Business Globally

Esther Tippmann (University of Galway), Becky Reuber (University of Toronto) and Sinead Monaghan (Trinity College Dublin) develop insights on global scaling, a very prevalent phenomena in the contemporary business world. In an editorial for the Journal of International Business Studies, they open the dialogue by explaining the relevance of global scaling and call on business scholars for further research in this area. In an empirical paper, published in the Global Strategy Journal, they explain how globally scaling businesses can navigate the paradox of global scaling.

Our insights we wish to share with you

Global scaling is defined as a logic of multinationalization that seeks rapid growth through the replication of a global business model across foreign markets. It is vital to understand the concept of global scaling as it is a distinct logic of internationalization.  Business scholars must focus their research in this area to develop robust theoretical understanding of global scaling to enable practitioners to successfully tackle its challenges, in particular the navigation of the global scaling paradox.

What was the approach for the research?

This programme of research is multi-facetted. It unveils theoretical aspects of global scaling by comparing it with other conceptualizations of rapid international growth as well as detailing facilitators and challenges of global scaling, and directions for future research. In terms of the global scaling paradox, the research details the core strategic demands of replication and entrepreneurship and how they can both be delivered on simultaneously despite posing competing pressures.

How might you benefit from these insights?

In this programme of research, the internal and external facilitators of rapid international growth and global business model replication are established. These facilitators can be created or acquired to enable the successful global scaling of your business. Moreover, by detailing the strategy of “replicable innovation,” digital businesses are guided in executing on their global scaling ambitions. The research was featured in the Rotman Management Magazine and in a blog of the Strategic Management Society (SMS).


Reuber, R. A., Tippmann, E. and Monaghan, S. (2021). Global scaling as a logic of multinationalization. Journal of International Business Studies, doi: 10.1057/s41267-021-00417-2.

Tippmann, E., Monaghan, S. and Reuber, R. A. (2022). Navigating the paradox of global scaling. Global Strategy Journal, doi:10.1002/gsj.1435.

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