Case Study: Qualtrics – A Journey of Rapid International Expansion

Esther Tippmann (University of Galway) and Sinead Monaghan (Trinity College Dublin) penned this case to provide material for class discussion for educators seeking to cover the management of rapid international expansion with their students.

Synopsis of the case study

Qualtrics is a U.S. founded scaling business established in 2002. This case study focuses on its rapid international expansion, especially in the European markets. In May 2015, Qualtrics expanded its Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regional headquarters in Dublin, Ireland adopting the philosophy of “nail it, scale it”. Qualtrics was ready to scale internationally, and a priority was the development of an EMEA headquarters and expansion in the region. The growth targets were ambitious. This case study explores significant decisions relating to the localization of operations, recruitment, selecting and prioritizing country markets, go-to-market strategy, and embedding of entrepreneurial cultural values within the European organization.

How might this case study be useful to you?

For educators, this case study can be used in modules on international business, international management, global strategy or entrepreneurship at undergraduate or graduate levels. The case study enables students to examine and advise on market selection, market prioritisation and best approach for developing the European and Middle East and Africa operations of a globally scaling business.

Citation: Tippmann, E. and Monaghan, S. (2018). Qualtrics: Rapid International Expansion

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